Droom Buyer Protection!

The used automobile market in India is a low trust market. At Droom, we incorporate tools and technology to bring trust and transparency for both buyers and sellers in each transaction. Every transaction done at Droom is completely secure and covered under Droom Buyer Protection.

Droom Buyer Protection is a program under which Droom offers free vehicle cover of up to ₹50 Lacs for specific vehicles bought through its online platform. This is an assurance that Droom gives to its buyers about vehicles’ condition. Buyer Protection can be claimed within 6 months of purchasing an eligible vehicle from Droom

Droom stands with each buyer and seller through its world-class buyer protection program. Droom Buyer Protection will give buyers peace of mind and security for money, thereby helping sellers in quickly selling their vehicle, as listings with Buyer Protection tend to sell fast and sell more.

Benefits for Sellers

Following are the benefits for sellers:

  1. Listing vehicles which are eligible for Droom Buyer Protection will result in increasing your orders and conversion rate
  2. Give your buyers peace of mind with vehicle cover for 6 months
  3. Sellers are not required to pay extra for this service offered by Droom
  4. Buyers will have special filters to buy vehicles with the Buyer Protection Program
  5. Listings with Buyer Protection will have higher FCTS and improved visibility to buyers
  6. Hassle free and quality service
  7. Pan India vehicle cover

What Makes Your Listing Eligible for Buyer Protection?

Your listing will be eligible for Droom Buyer Protection if it falls under the following criteria:

  1. Two Wheelers - up to 7 years old, or, less than 70,000 Kms driven
  2. Four Wheelers - up to 7 years old, or, less than 100,000 Kms driven