How to Create a Listing using StoreManager

Droom is a self-service platform where you can list your vehicle in less than 3 minutes and start selling online.

Login to your account on Droom, using your registered email id and password
step 1
Go to "StoreManager" option given on left hand side of the screen
step 2
Click on "My Regular Listings". This tab gives you an option to create a new listing and get the details of existing listings which may be listed under Fixed Price, Best Offer or Auctions
step 3
Click on "+ Create Regular Listing" button, given on top of the screen
step 4
Select type of vehicle like car, scooter, bike or more and provide MMYT (Make Model Year Trim) of the vehicle
step 5
Provide Basic Facts - Give basic details of the listing like color, fuel type, transmission type and more. Click "Save and Continue" button.
step 6
Note: The right-hand side of the screen displays Full Circle Trust Score of the listing. The Full Circle Trust Score changes as you provide more details about the vehicle at each step.
Provide Key Factors – Add details like location of vehicle availability, vehicle Registration Number, Kms driven, warranty details and more. Click “Save and Continue” button
step 7
Give Description: Provide short description of your listing and choose “yes” or “no” to list your vehicle under Quicksell. Click “Save and Continue” button
step 8
Fill up Seller Declaration: Declare about your vehicle’s accidental history, AC issue, or more. Click “Save and Continue” button
step 9
Provide Trust Factors – Give details about Inspection report, any certification available for the vehicle or more. Click “Save and Continue” button
step 10
Give Pricing – Add Price of your listing at which you want to sell. Check OBV price of a vehicle given on the right-hand side before providing the final price. You can also select to list your vehicle under any or all of the Pricing Formats. Click “Save and Continue” button
step 11
Upload Photos/videos: Upload 5 to 6 clear pictures of your vehicle to sell more. Try to take pictures with a clutter free background to make them more effective. You can also upload a minute-long video or your vehicle.
step 12
  1. Upload Photo: Click on “Browse” button to upload a picture from your smartphone/desktop/laptop
  2. Upload Video: Click on “Browse” button to upload a video from your smartphone/desktop/laptop or provide YouTube Link/URL for video and click “Upload” button
  3. step 12 Listing
  4. To upload more pictures, click on “Browse” button
House Keeping: Provide information about mode of payment, details of your availability and more. Click “Save and Continue” Button.
step 13
Review and List: Review your listing and details provided by you before activation. You can also compare FCT Score (Full Circle Trust Score) of your listing with Droom’s average FCT Score. The higher the FCT Score the better it is.
step 14
Listing Activated: You can go back to StoreManager or click “View My Listing” to view the listing.
step 15