To maintain the true marketplace spirit, Droom penalizes seller for the transactions not completed, due to seller's fault. In case a transaction is not completed for reasons as

  1. Order cancelled by seller due to non-availability of the listing, significantly different listing than shown, pricing issues, wrong information shared, no response from seller, misleading disclosures and more.
  2. Dispute settled against the seller

The selling service fee, which includes seller Take Rate by category, Listing conversion fee by category, Royalty fee (on select categories only) and/or Licensing fee (on select categories only) plus applicable taxes will be deducted as Cancellation fee or fine from the seller.

Similarly, Droom does not take any responsibility in return and/or replacement of any item bought on Droom platform. The return and/or replacement decision strictly lies between a buyer and a seller.

Droom is responsible only for refunding the Token Amount paid by the buyer, if the transaction is not complete and the buyer requests the refund. The return or refund for the Final Value Payment (Selling Price minus Token Amount) of the vehicle is not Droom responsibility. The buyer is responsible to inspect the vehicle and documents to his satisfaction before taking delivery of the vehicle.

Adherence to Seller Declaration

A seller must ensure that all the listing details provided by him/her are correct and authentic. He/she must price the vehicle responsibly and must not tamper the odometer. If at any time, we or the buyer find out that the odometer has been tampered with, then a seller is liable to pay Droom, the difference between the price at which the vehicle was sold and the OBV price of the same vehicle based on actual KMs driven at the time of the sale. Droom shall thereafter transfer the difference to the buyer.

FAQs for Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fee is the selling service fee Droom charges for the orders that have been cancelled due to sellers’ fault, seller violation of their marketplace obligations at Droom or sellers’ violation of Droom polies and rules.

The cancellation fee is adjusted from seller’s weekly payment and adjusted from the seller payout. Let’s say, you are going to get paid out for certain orders in a Droom’s weekly payout cycle and if you have any cancelled order where you were at fault, Droom will reduce your payout to the amount equal to the cancellation fee.

Cancellation fee is same as the Selling Service Fee that a seller pays once he has sold an item successfully on Droom platform. The Selling Service Fee is calculated based on the category and type of seller. To learn more about Selling Service Fee, please visit:

Droom is implementing this change because many sellers are not updating the listing status for the active listings at Droom. Also, many sellers are not open, truthful, transparent and at times misleading about many aspects of the vehicle and buyers have very bad experience if they pay Token Amount/Commitment Fee online with Droom and later on either finds out that the vehicle is not available with the sellers or vehicle is significantly different from how sellers described the vehicle in the listing at Droom. Droom is a completely self-service platform for the sellers. They can sell an item anytime, anywhere, using any device. If they have sold an item offline or via any other channel, they can mark the status of that listing as unavailable or no longer available.

Anytime a buyer has paid Token Amount/Commitment feel online at Droom for an active listing, wherein later on it is understood that the order has not been completed due to a fault by seller, Droom will charge Cancellation Fee.

The best way to avoid cancellation fee is to fulfil all of your obligations as seller on Droom platform. So long as you are updating your existing listing on Droom on regular basis in terms of items availability, be completely honest and truthful while you create a listing at Droom

Droom Billing and Payment has been added with the cancellation fee module and all the orders from any sellers that are part of the cancellation fee due to seller default cannot be removed going forward.