Droom, India's most trusted motorplace to buy and sell automobiles is designed to provide cutting edge opportunities to all stake holders i.e. buyers, sellers, and You can grab maximum out of these opportunities by doing rightful things. There are different ideal practices that can help dealers grow business significantly. Following are some of the best practices that we recommend. Also using Droom platform individual seller will be able to sell fast.


Droom listing information

Droom Listing Information:

Droom listing is a symbol of highest trust and transparency. Write clear product description with rightful and detailed information so that buyer gets in-depth knowledge about the listing. Highlight important features and specifications of the vehicle along with complete name of listing including - make, model, year and trim. The more information seller gives the better quality listing it becomes.

update Inventroy

Update Inventory:

It is very important to keep your online showroom up to date with latest products. Update your inventory on daily basis through StoreManager, so that you don’t cause any inconvenience to a buyer of purchasing an already sold item.

Participate in Droom Deals Merchandising and Promotions

Participate in Droom Deals Merchandising and Promotions:

Droom Deals Merchandising and Promotions is a great way to boost your sales and improve your visibility online. To participate in our marketing and promotional programs write us at

Use Trust Enabling Tools

Use Trust Enabling Tools:

You should offer test drive at buyer’s door step, returns, and RTO with your listings. You can select these options under Seller Settings of your profile in StoreManager at Droom. This will give potential buyers more convenience.



Offer unbiased inspection report of your vehicle to build trust in the listing and value for money. The inspection report will verify the exact performance and condition of the vehicle. Seller can take up auto inspection from droom to add value to the listing.

Seller Declaration

Seller Declaration:

A buyer is already worried and tensed about buying a used vehicle from an unknown source. Seller declaration form gives them information about the hidden vehicle specifications. Fill droom self declaration form to truthfully disclose any unknown problems in the vehicle you are selling. This will make transaction fully-transparent and more trustworthy. If filled truthfully, droom inspection report will help supporting the self-declaration made by a seller. This will gain more buyer attention.

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate (RC) Copy:

A seller must own the original copy of RC, which must be handed over to the buyer at the time of transaction.

Service logs

Service Logs:

Service logs help evaluating condition of the vehicle. Provide complete history of the service logs to build up confidence in the buyer and offer accurate information on vehicle maintenance, any damage or more.

Insurance copy

Insurance Copy:

A copy of vehicle insurance will help buyer to easily renew the insurance or get new insurance on his name. The insurance policy will also help buyer evaluating price for vehicle, providing peace of mind.

Verified Seller

Verified Seller:

Be a droom verified seller and get a Verified Seller badge that’s a symbol of higher trust. Every buyer wants to shop from the most authentic and trustworthy seller who offers original and reliable listing.



Online market is an open space of everyone to buy and sell. Pricing the listing at an optimal price will help selling more. Over priced vehicles or products are not sold easily. Check market value for the vehicle before putting a final price tag. Also check Orange Book Value of your vehilce to get an estimasted fair market value for your vehicle. Offer best price for the listing to get better business. Mention quality product description and other important details to justify the price tag of your vehicle.

Stay Connected to Customers

Stay Connected to Customers:

Every business is customer centric, so it’s crucial to answer to buyer’s questions and queries to build trust and confidence. Offer assistance, be polite and generous, provide correct information, and be courteous. Provide quality customer service and empathize wherever required.