Use your Droom StoreManager Account to succeed online!

Droom is a self-service platform where your success is in your hands. Are you using your StoreManager account on Droom? If not, you are missing something important.

StoreManager is self-service account on Droom for technology and services that allows managing your online business anywhere, anytime using any device. It gives you a clear picture of your business details. As a Pro-Seller, you can see where your business is heading with advanced analytics, listing summary, transaction summary, and more.

You can upload listings in less than 3 minutes and instantly start selling through your StoreManager account. Also you can check your account details, submit a deal and more.


Benefits of StoreManager

  1. Upload listings anywhere, anytime, using any device
  2. Update your listing status
  3. It’s a self-service platform, you get full control of your online business
  4. Check advance business analytics
  5. Upload your business logo & name to keep online Showroom and Storefront attractive
  6. Promote discount on your store with Seller Marketing Services
  7. List your vehicles directly under Auctions and sell more
  8. Participate in Droom Deals and Merchandizing Promotion programs
  9. Get instant support and assistance from Droom Team
  10. Buy and sell through Quicksell platform
  11. Check your rating and reviews
  12. Get important business message and notifications
  13. Edit and update your account details
  14. Check status of your payment and number of orders
  15. Get access to Droom University, an online learning portal for instant self-help

How it Works?

StoreManager is your self-service platform, which allows you to manage your online business anytime, anywhere, using any device, 24x7. Enter your User Name and Passwords to login to your storeManager account. Start using it right away to improve your business online at