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Droom Pro-Seller Business

You can become a pro-seller business at Droom and manage all your dealerships with one account.

Through Droom business account, any seller who is an original equipment manufacturer, multi-location dealer, multi-location service provider or an organised dealer network can onboard, track and manage entire dealer network through one account.

As a pro-seller business, you can add dealers who already have an account on Droom or invite those who are not yet on Droom.

Features of Pro-Seller Business Dashboard in the Store Manager :

  1. Total dealers, orders, listings, revenue generated by the entire dealer network
  2. Graphical representation of transactions showing growth over a period of time
  3. Graphical representation of refunded, cancelled, disputed and completed orders against total orders
  4. Star performers of the month based on the number of orders received
  5. Best selling vehicles based on units sold of under each MMYT
  6. Graphical representation of number of orders marked received for each quarter, month or week
  7. Associated dealer network with details like dealer name, location, number of active listings, order status
  8. Search associated dealers by location
  9. Search associated dealer by handle or business name and view corresponding dealer's dashboard/home

Benefits For Pro-Seller

  1. Create your dealer network on Droom Pro-Seller Business account and be in control of your business
  2. View listings, orders, analytics and pay-out details for all associated pro-sellers who are part of your network through a single log-in
  3. Get complimentary Droom miles, which can be used to purchase Droom services and transfer to associated pro-sellers, upon upgrading to pro-seller business account
  4. Create and tag listing to the pro-seller in your network
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