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Added on 17 Jan 2018
  • X Bicycle Optimus 16 2016
  • X Bicycle Optimus 16 2016
  • X Bicycle Optimus 16 2016
  • X Bicycle Optimus 16 2016
used First Owner, Indi Brochure
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₹ 2,500

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Product Description

This is a used X Bicycle Optimus 16 2016 Bicycle It is a Mountain Bicycle The specifications of the Bicycle include If this second hand vehicle goes hand in hand with your requirement, comfort and affordability, then it is the best option for you.
However, this particular pre owned Bicycle the condition of the Bicycle and the Full Circle Trust Score is 5.9. The ownership of the Bicycle belongs to the First Owner , who is willing to sell x bicycle optimus in indi and in other adjacent cities at a price of Rs.2,500. The Bicycle comes with a No Warranty/Buyer Surety, 3 years Buyback Guarantee, RC Copy and Free Roadside Assistance *T&C apply.
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