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Droom Pricing Services provide a comprehensive answer to any vehicle pricing need. With an algorithmic pricing engine supported by 300 million queries, our solution is the biggest and most trustworthy de facto pricing standard in the country today. Useful for Fleet Owners, BFSI companies and OEMs, Droom Pricing Services are today being widely used for vehicle valuation, estimating residual & collateral value and right time to sell vehicles along with used vehicle valuation exchange program and competitive benchmarking.

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  • 36 Mn+ Monthly Traffic
  • 347k Registered Sellers
  • ~80% Market Share
  • 1032+ Cities
  • 1.8Mn+ Listings
  • $16Bn+ Listed GMV
  • 11Mn+ FB Community
  • 13.4 Mn App Download
  • $1.1Bn+ Annualized GMV

Exchange and Buyback Solutions

The Exchange and Buyback Solutions help increase the faith of the customer and increase sales by providing resale value. It is a new tool for OEMs which gives opportunity to guarantee buy back after 3 years or 36,000 km of usage post purchase of New Vehicle.

Pricing Format Tools

Pricing formats are different options under which a buyer can buy a vehicle at different prices, offered by a seller. At Droom a user can sell or buy through three pricing formats - Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auctions. 

Pricing Strategy

Droom’s Pricing Strategy helps leverage data science to optimize price setting across portfolio of vehicles. Droom recommends the best pricing methodology including cost-plus, mark-up, and target return pricing. We offer advice on quantity and promotional discounts to reduce inventory costs and stay competitive. Droom enables you to analyze historical price data to dynamically adjust markdowns for clearance.

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Droom For Pricing Services

Pricing as a service (PaaS) offers range of pricing for used vehicle, buyback, exchange, residual, salvage and clunker and valuation report. It offers multiple ways in which the pricing can be accessed such as enterprise panel, bulk upload/download, API integration, Mobile app, widget, print version.
  • a) Only pricing benchmark tool in India which is Independent, objective and unbiased
  • b) Based on 21st century data science
  • c) Machine learning methodology
  • d) Flexible subscription options
  • e) Dashboard and advanced analytics around pricing
  • f) Valuation report to get detailed analysis around pricing
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