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Fleet Lifecycle Management Tool

Takes care of your fleet management needs, letting you stay focused on your business

Droom My Fleet
  • Improves utilization of your fleet by reducing unexpected downtimes

  • Helps you acquire, maintain and dispose your fleet

  • Saves money by reducing manual hours spent on fleet management


My Fleet

  • cab-tab
  • Maintain information about entire fleet at one place
  • cab-tab
  • Get reminders and alerts about insurance expiration, warranty extension, RSA, etc.
  • cab-tab
  • Order ECO Inspection and view your Fleet's health details
  • cab-tab
  • Track your vehicle using our IoT solution


My Fleet

  • Maintain information about entire fleet at one place

  • Monitor your fleet's health using our advanced analytics and reporting

  • Track your vehicle using our IoT enabled solution*

  • Get reminders and renew insurance, schedule repairs, extend warranty, etc.

  • Get alerts/reminders about scheduled and preventive maintenance*

  • Get timely recommendations to sell to maximize your fleet's Residual Value

My Fleet


My Fleet is an end-to-end fleet lifecycle management tool. It takes care of all your fleet management needs throughout the lifecycle of vehicles and lets you stay focused on what's important for you - your business.
You just have to create an Enterprise account on Droom, enter your fleet information on My Fleet and you can start using My Fleet
To track your vehicle, you need to opt for an OBD (onboard diagnostics) device from Droom. This device lets you leverage our IoT enabled solution and track your vehicles at all times. It also lets us give you insights on your engine's health using engine diagnostics.

*Only available with OBD device

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