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Why Monsoon Package

  1. Rain water makes the under body wet and have high chances of forming rust, so anti rust coating is important.
  2. An unclean air filter will decrease car’s gas mileage, creates ignition problems due to inadequate air for spark plugs and problems with acceleration.
  3. Unclean brake pads find less friction with road and thus creates braking problems.
  4. An empty wiper pump could corrode, leak, and stop working, wiper fluid will lubricate the wiper pump and clears the dust better than water.
  5. Visibility is key, so we’ll wash the headlights for better lighting. We’ll check the wiper blades and cleanse the wind-shield.
  6. Electricals are at the most risks during these months, so we’ll see to it that your battery and cabling are checked upon to avoid short-circuiting.
  7. We would also inspect the car for signs of rust and fix the damage which left untreated will be expensive later.
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