About Mitsubishi Cars

Mitsubishi Group of Companies or Mitsubishi Companies is a Japanese business entity that has a range of autonomous business which shares the Mitsubishi brand, trademark, and legacy.

The company went public in the year 1988. In the years to come to the company lancehead wide line of four-wheeled drive vehicles ranging from Mitsubishi Pajero Mini kei car to the Delica Space Gear passenger van that created a wave of SUV buying in Japan in the mid-1990’s. This wave gave a sharp hike of 11.6% in their share prices in the year 1995.

In India, Mitsubishi landed in India along with Hindustan Motors Limited. Along with Hindustan Motors announced the launch of 1.5 L petrol and 2.0-liter diesel Lancer passenger car models that were produced at Hindustan Motors Limited (HML) in Calcutta.

The launch was the most iconic product from the Mitsubishi brand to be launched in India ever. The car model scripted a success story for the brand not just in India but around the world. But the spoiler was poor after sales service and less dealership network across India. But the car was known for its toughness and rigidity which came out strong in the toughest car rallies in the world.

The Lancer was then powered by a 1.5 Litre petrol engine that generated a maximum power of 87bhp. But the arrival of Honda City overshadowed the sales of the Lancer model.

The Lancer was produced at HML’s Chennai factory that had a production capacity of 30,000 units. The car model was sold through the HML’s dealerships. The dealerships in India sells a wide variety of Mitsubishi cars, products, as well as the Pajero, Cedia, Lancer, Montero and the Outlander models.

Another model from the manufacturer that became quickly popular was the Cedia model. The Cedia carried forward the legacy built by the lancer model. The Cedia came with all the modern safety features like dual airbags and ABS. The Cedia model gave a tough competition to the Honda City. The car was powered by a 2.0-liter engine that churned out a maximum power of 115 bhp and an impressive torque of 175Nm of torque. It was counted among the powerful cars, but the downside was the low fuel efficiency.

Mitsubishi motors corporation is the 6th largest automaker in Japan and the 17th largest in the world by global vehicle production. It is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu which is known as the biggest industrial group in Japan. The headquarters of the company is in Minato, Tokyo.

Mitsubishi Car price

Mitsubishi Car price in India starts from ₹ 10 Lacs Onwards which is the ex-showroom price of their cheapest Car Mitsubishi. The company most expensive Car is Mitsubishi Montero which is priced at ₹ 68.63 Lacs Onwards.

Mitsubishi Car Specifications

Mitsubishi Cars are known for their reliability and durability. The power figures of Mitsubishi Cars range from Mitsubishi Xpander which produces a peak power of 105 bhp to the Mitsubishi Montero that produces a peak power of 153 bhp of power.

The engine displacement figure Mitsubishi Outlander is 2360cc while the for Mitsubishi Montero is 3200cc. The highest fuel efficiency of Mitsubishi Cars is given by Mitsubishi Xpander whose manual variant gave a mileage of 21kmpl while the automatic variant gave a fuel efficiency of 21 Km per liter. The Xpander model comes in only one trim which comes with automatic transmission and is available in diesel variant. The car carries a price tag of Rs. 10 Lacs.  

Mitsubishi Latest Models

As per the latest information available from the brand side, there is three Mitsubishi new Car model that will be launched in the year 2019-2020. The upcoming new cars are Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2019 that will be available at a price of 18 lacs onwards, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross that will be available at a price of 25 lacs onwards, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2019 that will be available at a price of 25 lacs onwards.

Mitsubishi Cars on Road Price

The Mitsubishi Cars on road price start from Rs. 10.93 lacs onwards which is the on-road price of their Car model Mitsubishi Xpander.  The on-road price for the Mitsubishi Montero is 75.74 lacs.

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