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About Isuzu Cars

Isuzu cars is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo and they specialize in manufacturing a commercial vehicle and diesel engine. Isuzu Motors’ history started way back in 1916. By 2009, Isuzu had produced over 21 million diesel engines. You will find vehicles with Isuzu diesel engines in all the world, as dozens of vehicle manufacturers such as General Motors, uses Isuzu diesel engines in their vehicles. In all commercial markets worldwide, Isuzu-branded vehicles are sold. Isuzu has assembly and manufacturing plants in Fujisawa, in Tochigi and Hokkaidō prefectures. Isuzu's primary market focuses on commercial diesel-powered truck, buses and construction. This is the basic point where it differs from its competitors. The other Japanese competitor like Yanmar focuses on commercial level powerplants and generators. This allows Isuzu to play a monopoly role in the market.

Isuzu Car Price                                                                                    

Isuzu car price in India starts from Rs. 14.32 lakhs and ranges up to Rs. 29.32 lakhs. Right from the basic model to the top model prices, you can estimate that Isuzu cars are not for every section of users in the automobile industry. It’s cheapest model D-Max V-Cross can be obtained as low as Rs. 14.32 lakhs. This is the ex-showroom price of the car. However, Isuzu cars on road price extend up to Rs. 15.80 lakhs. Isuzu MU-X model tops Isuzu cars price list as it’s on road price extends up to Rs. 29.50 lakhs.

Isuzu Cars Specifications

Isuzu cars are available only in diesel variant with specifications such as mileage ARAI ranges from 12.08 Kmpl to 13.80 Kmpl, power is 161 bhp @ 3600 rpm or 174 bhp @ 3600 rpm, torque is either 360 Nm @ 1800 rpm or 380 Nm @ 1800 rpm and engine displacement 2999 cc. The other Isuzu cars specifications include 5-speed gear box, both manual and automatic transmission are available, and many more.

Isuzu Car Models

There are only three Isuzu car models been introduced in the Indian automobile market.

  • Isuzu Existing Cars

The existing models of Isuzu cars include:

  1. Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

D-Max V-Cross model has 3 variants starting from its Facelift trim of Rs. 14.32 lakhs to 4x4 trim of Rs. 15.32 lakhs. The car has 12.4 Kmpl mileage, 2499 cc engine, 134 bhp power and manual transmission.

  1. Isuzu MU7

MU7 model has 3 variants starting from base model High Bs Iv of Rs. 20.14 lakhs to top-end model Premium At of Rs. 23.90 lakhs. All these trims are either available on manual or automatic transmission, with 12.08 Kmpl mileage, 2999 cc engine, 161 bhp power, and 400 liters boot space.

  1. Isuzu MU-X

MU-X model has 2 variants, one is 4x2 of Rs. 27.35 lakhs and the other one is 4x4 of Rs. 29.32 lakhs. The car specifications are 2999 cc engine, 174 bhp @ 3600 rpm power, 380 Nm @ 1800 – 2800 rpm torque and 65 liters of fuel capacity.

  • Isuzu New Cars

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross Facelift is a revised version is one of Isuzu cars latest models, which will be expectedly launching in August 2019. The car is expected to be priced somewhere between Rs. 15.32 lakhs to Rs. 16.82 lakhs. The car will come with 10.3 Kmpl mileage, manual transmission, and 2499 cc engine displacement.

Isuzu Car Reviews

Isuzu cars managed to get 4.5 ratings out of 5 on an average. When it comes to looks its 4.5, performance 4.5, space or comfort 3.5, fuel economy 3.5, and value for money 4.5. It is one of the most reliable vehicles for off roading. You can easily load your motorcycles, bicycles, tents, rafts, etc. on the back of the car and go out for some adventures, to fulfil all your dreams.

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