Buyer Tips

Guide to Fixed Price

"Fixed price" pricing format allows seller to sell at a non-negotiable price. Seller can choose the price for a vehicle and fix it, and buyer cannot debate the price.

Registered sellers can list their items for sale, and registered buyers can buy them after paying a 2% - 3% token amount of the listed price of the vehicle. Once the buyer shows his commitment to the deal by paying the fees, the listing immediately gets deactivated. Thereafter, the buyer and seller have 5 days to meet in person, clear their doubts, pay the remaining money, and close the deal.

Please note that once a buyer pays the token amount, the entire fee is covered under the Buyer Protection program and is fully refundable in case of omission or misleading information by the seller.

How It Works?

Fixed price


Benefits to Buyer Benefits to Buyer

Quick, non-negotiable transaction

Protected by droom's buyer protection

Benefits to Seller Benefits to Seller

Non-negotiable price

Pricing depends on seller's decision

pain points for Buyers

  • He/she wants to buy a verified vehicle
  • He/she wants to buy best deal at the minimum price possible
  • He/she wants security for his money
  • He/she wants to buy from a verified seller
  • He/she wants an easy and simple process

pain points for sellers

  • He/she wants to sell more
  • He/she wants to sell fast
  • He/she wants to sell at the maximum price possible

Droom Pricing Formats Overview

The automobile market is a sizeable market with plenty of buyers and sellers eager to transact. We, at droom, are here to help you minimize the angst in the automobile selling

One way droom is tranquilizing these pain points is by introducing different pricing formats . We provide three pricing formats (Fixed Price, Best Offer, and Auction), helping both buyers and sellers to buy and sell easily. As India's only online marketplace, we allow buyers to choose the best deals at best prices from a wide variety of listings and categories, whereas sellers enjoy the advantage of selling more and selling fast. Please note that you need to be a registered buyer or seller with us to use these formats.

Droom Offers three pricing formats : Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auction