What Are The Major Differences Between Sedan and Hatchback

  • Published On: 9 December 2020
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Read this story to find the factors that could be the key to making a smarter choice between a hatchback and a sedan

Hatchback or Sedan Cars
  • Hatchback or Sedan Cars

Purchasing a car in today’s age represents a sense of pride and an indication of growing status and prosperity. For ages, car buyers have been confused between a hatchback and a sedan. The main reason for this is the price factor. Apart from price, there are other facets as well that need to be taken into consideration while purchasing a car. While it is quite easy for us to differentiate between a hatch and a sedan. But do you really know the key differences between the two? This story will help you to understand the key characteristics of hatchback and sedan. Should you consider buying, which one should it be? 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Pricing

A hatchback is more affordable than a sedan, not only in its price tag but also in terms of maintenance. This is the reason why, the vehicle is in great demand in developing countries like India and Brazil. While purchasing a new car, a buyer looks at its resale value as well. Thus the resale value of a hatchback is better in comparison to a sedan. 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Practicality

Hatchback is more practical than a sedan due to the compact dimensions of the vehicle. It is easy to handle in heavy traffic or in cities where there is a scarcity of parking space. The other major reason that makes a hatch more practical than a sedan is the overall boot space. A Sedan does offer a larger boot area but then it comes with some limitations. It is a separate enclosed compartment that cannot accommodate large luggage. While in a hatchback, there is the option of folding the rear seats down that enables a larger boot space for ample storage. 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Fuel Efficiency

In comparison to a sedan, the hatchback offers better fuel efficiency as it is lighter in weight. We can take the example of the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios and Hyundai Xcent. The former turns out to offer better mileage than the latter because of the added weight of the boot in the Xcent. 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Driving Stability

Sedan offers stable performance at high speed in comparison to a hatchback. This is primarily due to the added weight of the boot and a longer wheelbase. The shorter wheelbase of a hatchback makes it easier to park in tight spots. 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Safety

If we talk about a hatchback, it is more of an open car with windows and a windshield. People from the outside can clearly see the belongings that you are carrying. Even the rear windshield gives them access to do so. This further creates a sense of insecurity among occupants. Sedan, on the other hand, are more protective with a packed boot. 

Hatchback vs Sedan: Lower NVH Level 

NVH stands for Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness. It is basically a measure of how much unpleasant aural feedback the car delivers when being driven. The main source of NVH in the car is its engine, drivetrain, and tyres. A sedan stands to offer lower NVH levels. It is quieter in comparison to a hatchback due to better insulation all around. 

The Final Verdict

Hatchback is perfect for urban people due to its compact size, cabin space, fuel efficiency, price, and maintenance. Also, due to a short bonnet, a hatchback is a good option for learners as the vehicle is easy to handle. If you are looking for a luxurious feel, better engine performance, lower NVH level, then a sedan can be a great option.

Author: Samreen Pall

A Computer Science graduate but a writer at heart, Samreen has one motto that she swears by: 'Everything is dull and useless if it has no drama in it.' This motto comes to life through her writing and storytelling style. She is the Senior Lead - Content Writer at Droom Technology currently and has a total experience of 5 years. In the past, she has worked with renowned brands while creating and curating amazing content for these brands. She is an avid traveller and loves a quiet sunset on a mountain top. more

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