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  • Published On: 13 April 2017
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TVS’ Wego looks like a winner on paper. But does it pack enough punch to take on the its well-entrenched 110cc competition?

Rear static
Front static
Instrument console
Boot space is quite good.
Rear static
Front static
Instrument console
Boot space is quite good.

When you think of TVS and scooters, the first thing that pops into your head is the Scooty. Having sold over a million to date, the popular Scooty has spawned new and improved variants and the range now comprises four models. Even though the Scooty was hugely successful, TVS needed a scooter in its line-up that can take on the likes of Honda’s Activa, Suzuki’s Access and Mahindra’s Duro. That’s where the Wego comes in.

On the outside
The Wego’s design pleases with a harmonious blend of sharp lines and scooter-friendly curves. Its long wheelbase and large five-spoke alloy wheels make it look larger than it actually is. The edgy front apron has large, flush-fitting indicators flanked by a small snout-like central opening that conceals the horn. The smart-looking headlight features a halogen bulb that’s spreads light pretty effectively.

The large instrument cluster houses a neat, circular speedometer and fuel gauge dials. While both clocks come with illuminated needles, their small font is sometimes difficult to read on the move. The Wego’s comfy yet unusually shaped palm grips take some time getting used to; the well-positioned brake levers and nicely textured switches work with a positive feel. There’s no rear brake lock clamp though.


It’s pretty practical for a scooter – there’s a useful, lockable front storage bay, that’s sufficient for storing knick-knacks, as well as a baggage hook located just above. In addition, riders can stow an average-size full-face helmet in a stowage bin under its large, well-contoured seat, which gets a nice detail touch in the white stitching along its length. A convenient external fuel filler is positioned near the smart matt-finished rear grab rail and shares its opening key slot with an underseat storage bay located on the side panel. The meaty, angular silencer sits beside a sharply raked tail section featuring integrated and LED-enabled warning lights. Overall build quality and general fit-and-finish are good.

Power Torque
The Wego is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke and air-cooled engine that displaces 109.7cc. It produces peak power of 8bhp at 7500rpm, with maximum torque of 0.8kgm available at 5500rpm. The Wego comes with an electric starter as standard and a maintenance-free battery. The scooter remains vibe-free throughout its wide powerband. Power delivery is flexible, smooth and performance at hand zippy for the city. The Wego reaches 60kph in 9.86 seconds.

From the saddle
While the Wego seats the rider in a comfortable upright posture, we found its handlebar to be positioned slightly lower than we would have preferred. Taller riders will find their knees occasionally nudging the top of the apron inset and even the ignition key under hard braking. The seat is large, and comfortably accommodates two full-size adults.


Ride quality is really good and the Wego soaks up most bumps well. Straight-line stability is excellent too, thanks to the Wego’s long 1275mm wheelbase. Its light handling and confident cornering manners instill confidence. Brake feel at the levers is reassuring and brake bite adequate – it stops from 60kph in 17.54 metres.

The TVS Wego returned a creditworthy 42.8kpl in the city and at a constant 65kph on the highway, the latest TVS managed to stretch each litre of petrol to 47.2 kilometres.

Is it worth the money?
The Wego’s modern styling is complemented by a refined and fuel-efficient engine. And at with its competitive price tag, this feature-packed scooter is more affordable than most direct rivals. This means TVS looks like it has ticked all the right boxes for scooter buyers in India.

Author: Droom

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