Triumph Speedmaster India Review

  • Published On: 26 April 2018
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We take Triumph’s cruiser out for a long-distance highway test.

The Speedmaster rides low but clears most bumps.
The rear of the bike looks simple.
The saddlebags are part of accessory list.
The Speedmaster rides low but clears most bumps.
The rear of the bike looks simple.
The saddlebags are part of accessory list.

The Speedmaster’s chromed exhaust pipes glint in the late morning sun and at first glance, you might think that the bike is essentially a Bobber with a pillion seat, but there’s more to it. The bike paints a pleasantly American picture, more so with the accessory windscreen and leather saddlebags. The low-set, wide handlebar takes a moment to adjust to, and the plush seat feels welcoming. Also, the feet-forward stance doesn’t take away from the rewarding ride.

This bike comes with a ‘Highway’ inspiration kit, which has a ‘comfort’ rider seat, a wider pillion seat with a backrest, adjustable touring screen, waxed cotton and leather panniers, a pannier rail kit, engine crash bars and a luggage rack. The cost of all these additional equipment works out to Rs 1.23 lakh (excluding taxes). The other inspiration kit goes by the name of ‘Maverick’ (around Rs 1.15 lakh extra).

The Speedmaster is a conventional-looking cruiser and even when you’re riding in the peak sun, the Speedmaster makes work easy. The level of comfort this bike offers is appreciable, and it falls within realistic riding expectations. The bike is fitted with a Bonneville-sourced fuel tank that offers 12-litre capacity and the weight of the bike stands at 245kg (dry). The bike uses the same 1,200cc, eight-valve, SOHC, parallel-twin motor as the Bobber, and the unit makes 77hp and 106Nm. It is tuned to deliver massive low-end muscle so when you’re riding it the bike feels immensely satisfying. It accelerates from 0-100kph in an impressive 5.01sec.

As far as corners are concerned, the Speedmaster indulged, tipping over intuitively and with the grace of a very large Boeing, and the bumpy, uneven road surface are handled well. The suspension at either end feels plush and works overtime. The linkage-type KYB monoshock (tucked away out of sight) is comfortably soft and is preload-adjustable.

In most situations, the Speedmaster felt composed and predictable, yet it also feels expensive and well-engineered. The Speedmaster’s twin-310mm discs (the Bobber only gets one disc up front) offer good bite and feel. The rear brake, too, is easy to modulate and thanks to ABS, you always feel confident at high speeds.

Should I buy one?

The Speedmaster is that kind of motorcycle - it’s comfortable and it works hard. It is designed for relaxed touring and it offers a sense of ‘travel’ that puts a smile on your face. With a price-tag of Rs 11.11 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai) you not only get an inherently nice motorcycle, but one that’s contemporary and yet classically simple.

Author: Droom

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