Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review

  • Published On: 24 May 2018
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The Evoque was a stylish car and the convertible model has only multiplied that.

This variant lacks the rigidity of the hardtop.
The interiors are really high quality.
The car has a stance unlike any other.
The high rear decklid takes time getting used to.
This variant lacks the rigidity of the hardtop.
The interiors are really high quality.
The car has a stance unlike any other.
The high rear decklid takes time getting used to.


We do feel SUVs can be convertibles, in fact there are many already out there – Mahindra Thar, Jeep Wrangler and the Maruti Gypsy to name a few. The question this Evoque bring about is whether a luxury SUV can a convertible? Luxury SUVs are bought for their style and quality interiors. Additionally, taking the roof of a car also requires it to get bracing to increase the rigidity. This is easy on a smaller vehicle, but not on a large vehicle. And since Range Rover is a brand that specialises in and only makes SUVs, they should be the best to pull this off, right?

The result of this is India’s first convertible luxury SUV. We put this car to find out how it works as a convertible luxury SUV and if it’s still just as practical?

On the outside

The Evoque does look good and there’s no doubt about it. The front of the car continues to have the sexy face like the original car. Additionally, the car we were testing was white and featured nice black contrasting bits, thanks to the ‘Black Design Pack’. The A-pillar on the car is short than before and features a steep rake. However, it isn’t that short that it could affect your view outside. When you come towards the rear, one will find the high rear deck a bit unusual. Nonetheless, when you take a step back, the overall design works well with roof down. The car does manage to attract attention with the roof up or down; not surprising considering that it is an Evoque, after all.

On the inside

The Evoque is a Range Rover and not a Land Rover which means while it gets the off-road ability of the latter; it gets nicer materials on the inside. Interestingly, this convertible model gets even better interiors. This is because the car is only available in India with the HSE Dynamic trim – which gives it soft Windsor leather with contrast stitching. The car also has a good amount of brushed aluminium on the inside.

Yes, the car does get a rear seat and it is one that can be used. Range Rover has made use of the Evoque’s height so that you can sit with your legs in a comfortable position. Two kids will be comfortable, so will two-medium sized adults. Additionally, the car also has decent storage space.

In terms of equipment, the car has quite a bit. For starters, it gets automatic LED headlights, auto wipers, a 12-speaker sound system, parking assist and powered front seats. And since this is the top-spec model, it gets the more-expensive touchscreen system.  However, we did find it to feel a bit dated. The Velar feels a generation ahead, the Evoque also lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

How does it drive?

This variant of the Evoque uses a new 2.0-litre petrol motor that was first seen on the Velar. That said, it makes lesser power and torque in this car – around 240hp and 340Nm of torque. The gearbox on this car is different as well; it has a nine-speed auto instead of the eight-speed auto. The engine is good and offers a strong punch in the mid-range. Surprisingly, it sounds good while being driven hard too. However, the gearbox in this car is a bit slow.

Just because it is a convertible doesn’t mean it has to be sporty. We are saying this because many believe so in fact, it’s the opposite. Cars with regular roofs are more rigid which in turn results to better handling. This convertible variant, however, lacks the rigidity and wobbles on turns.

The Evoque has the typical solid Land Rover ride. It is lumpy at slow speeds and gets smoother once you pick up the pace. It is clearly not as capable off-road as the manufacturer’s other offering but it is better than most SUVs of its size. It still continues to have good departure and approach angles, as well as the electronics that help it grip.

Should I buy one?

This variant of the Evoque is a special car in many ways. A luxury SUV with a convertible top and Range Rover badging is a very good recipe. On paper alone, the car scores well and then you add in the styling it offers. Yes, there may be some who would like a better infotainment system and some who want sportscar handling – but this car is not for them. It is a car for cruising and showing up at posh parties.

What makes the Evoque convertible truly special is the practicality it offers – not just in terms of room, but also the ground clearance and off-road ability. Range Rover has priced it at Rs 69.5 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Author: Droom

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