Honda CR-V diesel Review

  • Published On: 10 August 2018
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The new SUV now features more practicality thanks to the diesel motor and extra seats.

The new CR-V has a much wider stance.
The interior features much higher quality materials.
The all-digital instrument cluster looks fancy.
The new tailights are appealing.
The new CR-V has a much wider stance.
The interior features much higher quality materials.
The all-digital instrument cluster looks fancy.
The new tailights are appealing.


The Japanese carmaker, Honda has launched a new fifth-gen CR-V and it is expected to hit reach showrooms in October. This SUV is a big step ahead and nicer and better-equipped on the inside. The SUV also has two big advantages – one being the diesel motor under the hood and second, the additionally row of seats. However, will it be good enough to move it right into the competitive SUV segment, we find out.

Certainly, the CR-V getting a diesel engine has led to people talking. Sadly, India won’t be getting the powerful motor; we will only get the 120hp mill. That said, will that much power be enough to propel the big SUV, especially because it is heavier by around 140kg.

There is good news however, what will help move the big SUV is the high torque figure. This engine makes around 300Nm which should be adequate. Further, the Japanese carmaker has used shorter gearing to make it quicker as well. Further, the car’s new nine-speed transmission will also help the engineers to tune the car better.

Another nice thing is that this SUV will appeal to customers who always wanted it to have a bit more presence. If you place the cars next to each other, you will notice wide arches and large chrome grille. The new taillights are also redesigned and more appealing. To be honest, the styling is more of an evolution than an all-new design. Which means it still doesn’t have the squared-out SUV design and lacks the presence of say, a Toyota Fortuner.

On the inside

Firstly, the SUV is larger on the inside. Secondly, the car feels more luxurious and the quality of materials is top-notch. The fit and finish levels are also significantly better. The car maker has also equipped the car with faux leather in certain places on the inside. While everything looks much nicer than before, the car could do with lighter colours on the inside instead of the all-black theme.

The dashboard looks for detailed this time around and the new all-digital screen looks very premium. The touchscreen is frameless and the car also has a fancy push button gear selector. This works well while also increasing room on the inside. The car has quite a lot of storage spaces on the inside. There is also no shortage of USB sockets, and the car also gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new CR-V is also significantly more comfortable than the older model. The seats are large and have a good amount of support. And because the car sits a bit higher, the view out of it is impressive too. The car also has a good amount of legroom all around. The biggest feature, which is the third row has a good amount of room but the seats are a bit cumbersome to use. Further, that row also has very less legroom which will make full-sized individuals very uncomfortable.

How does it drive?

This SUV has good levels of refinement. The motor doesn’t make a rough sound as you would expect. When you get on the accelerator, you will notice that the 1.6 motor pulls well and takes of the line instantly. There is close to no delay or turbo lag when you get on it. If you drive the car hard, you will notice the gradual increase in speed without any sudden jerks.

The car also manages to hide the lack of power thanks to the nice transmission. It works so smoothly that you won’t even know. The new CR-V also drives very well, the steering is light and quick and the suspension handles rough roads really well.

The CR-V also feels easy to drive in the city, the steering is light and the brakes boost confidence in heavy traffic. Moreover, the car also manages to absorb bumpy surfaces unlike the older variant. The SUV is also stable at high-speeds thanks to the longer wheelbase and bigger wheels. Surprisingly, the car can also be slightly fun through the corners.

Should I buy one?

The CR-V, with its car-like handling, diesel motor and ability to seat seven, is bound to appeal to many. The SUV also has other things going for it like the refined motor and light handling. The room on the inside is also a lot more this time around. While the front and second row are comfortable, we wish for more room for the third row. Another thing this car is lacking is around 25hp. With a price upwards of Rs 30 lakh, the CR-V doesn’t exactly offer money’s worth.

Nonetheless, the car is still good-to-drive, small and more advanced alternative to the Fortuner.

Author: Droom

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