Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Rapid Comparison

  • Published On: 6 November 2019
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Know here Comparison between Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid based on various factors like Price, Fuel Capacity and Mileage, Features, Specifications.

Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Rapid Comparison
  • Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs Skoda Rapid Comparison

Sedan cars have been popular in the Indian car market for a long time. The sedan has a popular choice among those who restrict themselves to city commuting. The manoeuvrability you get in a sedan can’t be found in an SUV.

The fuel consumption of a sedan car is low when compared to an SUV. But choosing the right sedan that fits your lifestyle is somewhat tricky. At present three sedan cars are competing for the top spot in their price segment.

The top three sedan cars are Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid. Let us compare these three sedan cars against each other and see how their fare.

Compare Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Skoda Rapid:

  • Engine Specification:

The Hyundai Verna gets going with its 4-cylinder, 1.4L Kappa Dual VTVT Petrol engine that makes 99 bhp of power which is lowest among three sedans.

The Honda City on the other hand is powered by Water Cooled 4 Stroke SOHC I-VTEC Inline 4 Cylinder engine that pumps out 117 bhp of power, 145 Nm of torque that is highest among all three. Skoda Rapid has its tire spinning due to its In-line 4-cylinder, Liquid Cooling System, 16V DOHC engine churning out 103 bhp of power and 153 Nm of torque.

  • Dimensions:

The length of the car plays a vital role as it affects a car’s manoeuvrability and drivability. If a car is too short then it commuting won’t be much comfortable and if the car is too long then it would have a large turning radius.

Hyundai Verna is 4400 in length, 1729mm width and 1475 mm tall. Honda City is 4440 in length, 1695mm width and 1495 mm tall. On the other hand, Skoda Rapid is 4413mm in length, 1699mm width and 1466mm tall. With its short length, the Hyundai Verna requires just 5.20m to take a turn.

While Honda City and Skoda Rapid require 5.3m to take a turn. Talking about weight, Skoda Rapid is heaviest among all three at 1111kg. While Honda City is the lightest among three with 1063kg of weight. Hyundai Verna, on the other hand, has 1095kg of weight.

When it comes to traveling with lots of luggage, Honda City offers slightly more luggage space when compared to others. Honda City has a boot space of 510 L, Hyundai Verna has 465 L of boot space while Skoda Rapid offers 460 L of boot space.

  • Fuel Capacity and Mileage:

A car’s fuel efficiency is important to buyers as the fuel cost are quite high. The rise in fuel prices adds more woes to car owners. So, the buyer looks forward to a car that gives a decent fuel efficiency. Hyundai Verna gives the highest mileage among three at 19.10 Km/L. Honda City gives a fuel efficiency of 17.40 Km/L. Skoda Rapid gives the lowest mileage among three at 15.41Km/L.

The above comparison gives you a fair idea of the sedan cars and helps you decide which sedan cars suit your lifestyle and needs the best.

Author: Droom

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