Tips for Car Care and Maintenance


Car is an important asset, and as an owner you need to understand the importance of maintaining it. General car maintenance ensures reliability and avoid troublesome situations. Basic maintenance is part of car ownership that makes a lot of difference between getting stranded and a safe drive. Basic car maintenance can be easily done by following a few simple tips. These will keep your car in a great condition with no or little unpleasant surprises.

Droom cares about well-being, maintenance, safety, and resale value of your vehicle from the moment you buy. Following are some DIY car care and maintenance tips:

DIY Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Wash Car Once a Week

Washing and shampooing car keeps it clean and free from corrosion. Color of the car starts looking dull and old if you don’t wash car regularly. Properly clean the car from both - inside and outside. Vacuum interiors of the car properly, wash the foot mats and carpet, and wipe of the dashboard. Also clean the glasses with the newspaper (white & black) for perfect shine. Make sure you don’t keep washing car under sun. Wipe car with a soft clean cloth and dry it up so that dust doesn’t settle on wet surface.

You can even use car care and detailing services from droom to make your car look almost new.

Waxing and Rubbing

Rubbing and waxing helps in lightening up those little scratches and creating a protecting cover on the car’s paint. This makes oxidation process slow that creates a barrier against pollution, dust particles, and bird droppings. This also gives extra shine to your car as its new.

Drive Carefully

Make sure you slowly pickup the engine while start-up as it adds to damaging the engine. Accelerate slowly while beginning your drive and change the gear carefully while driving you drove at optimum speed. This will enhance the life of the engine and you will enjoy longer time between repairs.

Check Fluids

Make sure to check all the fluids are there in appropriate amount. If your vehicle is getting overheated repeatedly, then check the amount of coolant. Check for

  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Wiper Fluid

Park under Shade

Always park your car under the shade to avoid interior damage caused by UV rays, especially in summer. UV rays heat up the car’s interior producing gases that can even blast the car. It also impacts the car color.

Check Tyres

Tyres take the entire pressure of the car. Ensure that tyre pressure is optimal at all the times. Get the air pressure checked once a week and keep them inflated to the recommended pressure. Also check there’s no uneven wear of tyres. Uneven wear might suggest that there is some problem in wheel alignment. Get wheels realignment done to enjoy a safe drive. Worn-out brakes or shock absorbers, a bent wheel or internal tyre damage, can also be the reason for uneven wear.

It is suggested that wheel alignment must be checked every 5000 kms. Inaccurate wheel alignment reduces the life of tyre, as well as hampers the steering. It can make steering stiffer or pull car to one side.

If your car has alloy wheels, keep them clean and shining for a stylish look. Use soft toothbrush to remove the stains on it. Clean it with a soft cloth to restore that extra bling.

Engine should be cleaned

Engine cleaning is required for more efficient drive. A clean engine runs cooler, as dirty engine gets heated up early adding to the wear. Get car’s engine cleaned twice or at least once a year. Take professional assistance in getting it cleaned properly.

Regularly Change Engine oil and filter

Frequent change of engine oil helps flushing out abrasive dirt and metal particles out of engine. So, regular and frequent oil change is recommended for prolonged engine life. Do, change the oil filter too, as old one will be having some dust and metal particle that will spoil the new clean oil.

Replace Spark Plug

Replacing spark plug every 50,000 km. offers efficient fuel mileage and high engine performance.

Car Battery

Keep terminals of battery clean for extended life. You can wipe it using a damp cloth. If you see cracks and bulges, it’s an alarm for a battery replacement.

Check for Unknown Noises

See your vehicle doesn’t make any unpleasant and unknown noises. The reason for this noise can be loosening of engine belt, problem in springs of suspension, crack in the body, and more.