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Datsun is one of the renowned and most popular brands globally and Read More...

Datsun is one of the renowned and most popular brands globally and is also currently serving in India. This well-known automobile brand is owned by Nissan and it is famous for its world-class quality of the car that comes with a budget-friendly price range. In India, there are in total 3 models of Datsun cars available. Datsun cars price in India starts from ₹ 2.8 lakhs onwards which is for the model Datsun Redi- GO and is the cheapest Datsun car available. The expensive model is the Datsun Go+ which costs ₹ 4.12 lakhs in the Indian market.

Datsun cars offer quite impressive and stylish specifications. The cars provide comfortable riding and easy control. The suspension work is excellent which is also one of the important specifications for Indian roads while buying a car for regular commute. Safety measures are well equipped, and the build quality is top-class. The gear shifting facility is made smooth in every model and has a powerful braking system.

The company offers 3 Datsun car models in India in two different categories. The first one includes 2 hatchbacks ( Datsun Redi- GO, Datsun GO), and the second is MUV (Datsun GO+). Datsun on DO and Datsun Cross are the two upcoming models from Datsun in the Indian market. Both the models are expected to launch between the years 2020 to 2024.

Datsun Car Prices in India

Below is the list of Datsun car prices in India

Models Prices Range
Datsun Redi- GO ₹ 2.81 – 3.92 lakhs
Datsun GO ₹ 3.75 – 4.89 lakhs
Datsun GO Plus ₹ 4.12 – 5.92 lakhs


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Datsun Cars Models

Upcoming Datsun Cars Models

Datsun will launch two of its models in the Indian ma Read More...

Datsun will launch two of its models in the Indian market between the years 2022 and 2024. These upcoming Datsun cars models are Datsun on DO and Datsun Cross. Datsun's upcoming cars will be of excellent quality, and people are eagerly waiting for them. With new designs, specifications, and looks, these will be surely in huge demand after the availability.

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Datsun Cars Comparison

Discontinued Datsun Cars Models


About Datsun Cars

Datsun company was founded in the year 1931, and the original production and manufacturing of cars began from that year. Yoshisuke Ayukawa is the founder of Datsun company, and it is a Japanese company. The headquarters of Datsun is situated in Tokyo, Japan. From 1958 to 1986, Nissan's vehicles were known as Datsun. However, in 2013, Nissan relaunched Datsun, and the company became famous for its low-cost vehicles with high and advanced specifications.

Datsun is well known for its automobiles and light truck manufacturing worldwide with a pocket-friendly price for each vehicle. Besides that, the specifications and features available in the car are absolutely impressive, and the build quality is good. Moreover, the cars are compact and tough. There are in total two categories of Datsun cars variants available in the Indian market.

Datsun car models in India are available in two categories, and it includes 2 hatchbacks ( Datsun Redi- GO, Datsun GO) and 1 MUV (Datsun GO+). Datsun cars colors are quite attractive, and the colors used are long-lasting. The car specifications are advanced and provide comfortable and smooth riding even on bad roads because of the good quality suspension used. Besides these specifications, each car has its own uniqueness.


  • Budget Friendly - Datsun Redi-GO

Discord Redi-Go is one of the company's most affordable and budget-friendly car available in the market. This particular model by the company is to target the younger market. Overall, the Datsun Redi-Go is lighter, shorter, and has larger ground clearance than other car models.

  • Economical - Datsun Go

Datsun Go comes with a 1.2-liter petrol engine known as a powertrain option. The Datsun Go comes with a motor that can easily cope with BS6 norms and produce immense power. Overall, the Datsun Go offers you more space, better performance, and durability.

  • Automatic - Datsun GO+

Datsun Go+ is one of the company's most successful cars in the Asian market. The car is built on the V platform that gives better performance and comfort for long routes. In addition, this is the company's first automatic car in India. Overall, the company claims that the Datsun Go+ engine returns an ARAI-certified fuel economy.

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Datsun Cars FAQs

Datsun is one of the top car brands in India which is preferred by many car enthusiasts. This year Datsun is expected to launch Total Models Cars in different budgets with different specifications and features with Datsun to launch at a minimum expected price of ₹0 and Datsun to launch at a maximum expected price of ₹0 .