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Datsun cars are budget-oriented cars for small families. The brand strategically targets a certain section of the society, who wants small cars for their own use or for their nuclear families.

Datsun is not a new brand in the automobile industry. For many, it may be a new name that came into existence in 2013. But the truth is the brand was introduced by Nissan and its actual production started way back in 1931. For 28 years, starting from 1958 to 1986, the cars launched by Nissan were termed as Datsun cars. But the brand paused the Datsun name for launching the cars. Again, after a gap of 30 years in June 2013, it came up with Datsun new car in India in low budget with the Datsun name to target the latest automobile industry.  

There is a short story behind the name Datsun. Initially, the name was ‘Datson’, which indicates the son or smaller version of DAT’s larger cars. But, as soon as the brand was overtaken by Nissan, soon the spelling was changed from ‘Datson’ to ‘Datsun’. Nissan refused to use the word ‘son’, because it means ‘loss’ in Japanese language and preference is given to the Sun, as it is placed in the Nation flag too.

Datsun Car Price                                                                                

Datsun car price in India starts from Rs. 2.56 lakhs and ranges up to Rs. 5.69 lakhs. Datsun cars touch the bottom of the funnel in the automobile industry. It’s cheapest model redi-GO can be obtained as low as Rs. 2.56 lakhs. It is one of the economical Cars available in India. There are total of three models available in the market and the other two models are also very affordable. One is GO, which can be purchased at Rs. 3.29 lakhs only and the other is GO Plus, which is for Rs. 3.83 lakhs. The most surprising fact is that GO Plus ranks at the top of Datsun cars price list as it is the topmost model at the moment. Its ex-showroom price starts from Rs. 3.83 lakhs and Datsun cars on road price extends up to Rs. 5.69 lakhs.

Datsun Cars Specifications

Though it is obvious that the specifications will keep on changing as per the different car models of the brand, still there remains a parity among all models.

All Datsun cars are available only in petrol variant with specifications such as mileage ARAI ranges from 19 Kmpl to 22 Kmpl, power is 67 bhp @ 5000 rpm or 67 bhp @ 5500 rpm, torque is either 91 Nm @ 4250 rpm or 104 Nm @ 4000 rpm and engine displacement ranges from 799 cc to 1198 cc. The other Datsun cars specifications include 5-speed gear box, both manual and automatic transmission are available, boot space ranges from 222 litres to 265 litres, and many more.

Datsun Car Models

There are only three Datsun car models been introduced in the Indian automobile market.

  • Datsun existing cars

The existing models of Datsun cars include:

  1.Datsun Redi-GO

Redi-GO model has 11 variants starting from base model D priced Rs. 2.56 lakhs to the top-most trim AMT 1.0 S priced Rs. 4.17 lakhs. Redi-Go model offers many power-packed features such as an Intelligent Spark Automated Technology engine which automatically adjusts spark timing in response to fuel quality and power. It flaunts great power on road and offers excellent performance.

  2. Datsun GO

GO model has 8 variants starting from base model D of Rs. 3.29 lakhs to top model T Option of Rs. 4.89 lakhs. Datsun GO has been designed with Japanese Engineering, to bring some extraordinary features in the car. The car is packed with next generation safety features and comfort facilities.

  3. Datsun GO Plus

GO Plus model has 9 variants starting from base level D trim of Rs. 3.83 lakhs to top level trim T Option Petrol of Rs. 5.69 lakhs. GO plus is best for Indian families, as they always prefer and give privilege to togetherness. The car has been designed with 5+2 flexi seats, so that you can enjoy favorite music, great comfort and stay connected always.

  • Datsun New Cars

As per the latest information available from the brand side, no Datsun cars latest models are going to launch recently in 2019 or 2020.

Datsun Car Reviews

Datsun cars managed to get 3.7 ratings out of 5 for all the models. Users claim that it is good for long drives up to 150 Kms a day, which is standard and satisfactory. The most appreciated part is Datsun offer on road service free of cost for 5 years after sale. And, it is the most economical car with the best features for the drivers and other passengers.


Datsun has 3 models and most affordable model is Datsun Redi-GO. It has a price range between ₹ 2.8 Lacs to ₹ 7 Lacs.