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  • allow the surface to dry properly post-treatment, as it lets the chemical to bond with the surface and provides an anti-microbial coating.
  • ensure the surface is not damp, as moisture can cause damage to the protective coating on the surface.
  • wipe the surface with a clean cloth to prevent a layer of dust and debris.
  • avoid washing the surface for at least for one-month post-treatment.
  • Do dry the surface if exposed to water, can use a dryer for faster drying, if required.
  • display Germ Shield Certificate on the walls of elevator, to assure is safe.


  • wash the surface with soup or detergent immediately after the treatment
  • cover the treated surface with any substance
  • Heavy Scrubbing of the treated surface
  • clean with abrasive cleaners (pH>10.5)
  • over abuse of the treated surface

Maintenance Tips

  • Placing foot maps on the floor of elevators will help to maintain social distance.
  • Taking the elevators one person at a time or max. three as per the elevator’s size, will help to keep safe.
  • Maintaining distance from walls, handles and people will further keep your protected.
  • Keeping disinfecting wipes will help to disinfect elevator’s interior surfaces.
  • Keeping microfiber duster will catch the dust and dirt without chemicals or cleaners.
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