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After Coating Promises

  • It will be effective for next 90 days or 3 months.

  • It inhibits the growth of microbial on the treated surface.

  • It does not leave any spots or damage to the surface.

  • It is completely odorless and prevent odor in the future as well.

  • It has no side-effects; does not rub off or transfer onto skin.

What's Next?

If you appreciate the treatment and are satisfied with Germ Shield result, you can safeguard yourself, your family, friends, passengers and fellow members around you for the entire year. You can simply repeat your order with One-Time, Twice a Year or Annual Subscription and enjoy amazing discounts*.

We say Thank You for maintaining a long-term relationship with us..


  • allow the surface to dry properly post-treatment, as it lets the chemical to bond with the surface and provides an anti-microbial coating.
  • ensure the surface is not damp, as moisture can cause damage to the protective coating on the surface.
  • wipe the surface with a clean cloth to prevent a layer of dust and debris.
  • avoid washing the surface for at least for one-month post-treatment.
  • dry the surface if exposed to water, can use a dryer for faster drying, if required.
  • display Germ Shield Certificate somewhere in the building, to assure everyone is inside a safe community.


  • wash the surface with soup or detergent immediately after the treatment
  • cover the treated surface with any substance
  • Heavy Scrubbing of the treated surface
  • clean with abrasive cleaners (pH>10.5)
  • over abuse of the treated surface

Maintenance Tips

  • Maintaining distance between hospital beds or classrom desks and people will keep your protected.
  • Maintaining a check on number of people will maintain social distance.
  • Keeping disinfecting wipes handy will help to disinfect indoor surfaces.
  • Using microfiber duster will catch the dust and dirt without chemicals or cleaners.
  • Using hand sanitizer frequently will sanitize or disinfect your hands as you may touch several surfaces.

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