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About Bugatti Cars

Bugatti is one of the revered car brands in the automobile industry. Bugatti supercars are known for their iconic car design and unmatched performance. The company is named after the founder Ettore Bugatti. The company was founded in the year 1909 and has its headquarters in Molsheim, Alsace, France. The brand has a brief legacy of automobile production, but the company currently focuses on the luxury segment and manufactures only two variants, i.e. Veyron and Chiron.

  • Veyron: Bugatti Veyron was launched in the year 2005 and was considered to be one of the greatest cars in the automobile industry. The company intended to relaunch the brand in the industry but had no existing models or any car that could be used. The company started from the scratch and took various components from extreme speeds and forces, such as aviation and space travel. Currently, the new Bugatti supercar models of the Veyron variant include 16.4, 16.4 Grand sport, 16.4 Super Sport and 16.4 Grand Sports Vitesse.
    • 16.4: The first car made by the French manufacturer to relaunch Bugatti in the international market. To make this car the company had to start from the basics and even had to study each and every aspect of the car minutely. The car featured an eight-litre W16 engine with four turbochargers which generated horsepower of 1,001 hp.
    • 16.4 Grand sport: After the success of the Veyron 16.4, the company soon began working for its upgraded version which was named 16.4 Grand sport. The vehicle is a convertible and had an elegant look. The 16.4 Grand sport featured the same engine as its predecessor. Owing to its looks and performance, the 16.4 Grand sport is completely sold out.
    • 16.4 Super Sport: This was the third car in the French car maker’s portfolio, and by now Bugatti had become an established brand in the market. The 16.4 Super Sport is the sports version of the 16.4, which means it has more power and is much faster than its predecessors. To enhance the performance of the 16.4 Super Sport its engine featured 16 cylinders that boosted the power of the vehicle to 1,200 hp. The car was so successful that it is completely sold out.
  • Chiron: With the success of all the 4 cars of the Veyron segment, the company was all set to make the fastest and the meanest car to ever exist the Bugatti ‘Chiron’. The Chiron is said to be the fastest car on the roads with its speed that crosses the 300+ kmph limit. The Chiron claims to reach 0-400-0 kmph in 42 seconds based on the recent tests conducted. It features a quad-turbocharged 8 l W16 engine with BUGATTI two-stage turbocharging system that can generate power upto 1,500 hp and torque upto 1,600 Nm.

The Bugatti supercars price starts from INR 11.39 crore onwards, and there are other launched and upcoming Bugatti supercars that can completely leave you aghast.

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