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Broken But Beautiful believes it’s more powerful to fall out of love than in love. But still, it is beautiful to fall in love again and again with your Perfect Match. Just like the way Agastya Rao and Rumi Desai have fallen in love, departed, but still couldn’t walk away from each other’s heart and mind, it is true for all.

This time, we are proud to announce that Droom has associated with ALT Balaji to be a part of an unrequited love story – Broken But Beautiful Season 3.

The dedication towards fulfilling your dreams and finding the right match beautifully at every stage of your life is celebrated by Droom’s new partnership campaign ‘Find your Perfect Match’ #DroomXALTBalaji.

Fall in love with your dream car as well, as you can find your best match as per your requirement, and get it delivered to your doorstep, by filling this simple form.

Droom, India’s only automobile marketplace, has collaborated with Alt Balaji to launch the highly anticipated Season 3 of Broken But Beautiful. Releasing on 29th May 2021, the series captures the journey of love of two highly ambitious youngsters, Agastya and Rumi. It is all hunky and dory when you fall in love but what happens when you fall out of love? How you get back and carry on with your life...

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You can tell a lot about an individual by the choice of their vehicle. Some love the comfort of cars while others simply kickstart their bike to travel to a world of adventure. Broken But Beautiful is one such series wherein two strong-willed individuals, protagonists, have their unique outlook towards life. One loves his bike while the other enjoys the late-night drive and a gush of wind...

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