Xiaomi has taken a step forward in the automobile market by unveiling their first-ever electric sedan, SU7 with a driving range of 800 kms on a single charge.

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant has finally taken the veil up from its very first electric car SU7 on 28th December. The official pictures of the EV were recently released just ahead  of an event which unveiled the electric vehicle technology the tech giant has employed to produce the car. Xiaomi EV, that is the EV manufacturing wing of the smartphone producer, also unveiled more details about the SU7 that objects to compete with some of the top-notch electric cars from around the world. 

The short form SU in the brand's first EV car stands for Speed Ultra, suggesting that it is going to be a performance model. Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO, Xiaomi, said that the EV has been designed and developed in the way to fulfill the expectations of its prospective customers. Although Lei claims that Xiaomi SU7 is not aimed to compete with other cars, it is still well within its league to take on the likes of Tesla Model S in the perspective of its performance and looks. 

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The car Xiaomi SU7 is a 4-door electric sedan that has a configuration of 4997 mm length, 1455 mm height, and 1963 mm width. The electric car is equipped with a wheelbase of 3000 mm. The company will manufacture the SU7 in 2 distinct configurations that differ by the energy storage capacity of its battery, whereas the drive range will vary and may consist of more versions depending on the power. 

The base variant of Xiaomi SU7 will be equipped with a 73.6 kWh battery pack. The top variant is going to be equipped with a bigger 101 kWh battery pack. The phonemaker developed its own Cell-to-Body or CBT technology, that amalgamates the battery into the car, substantially improving structure rigidity, deducing the floor, and mitigating the height for an even spacious cabin. As per the EV maker, the SU7 will provide a driving range of 800 kms in only single charge. 

Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan is going to be at top-notch equivalent competition with some of the most savvy EVs across the globe. The phonemaker commits the electric sedan to produce 21,000 rpm, ranking among some of the best EVs. The 2 mass-produced motors are the V6 and V6S, with peak power output varying from 299 hp to 374 hp. The maximum torque output reaches up to 635 nm. 

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