World's First Tattooed Car by Lexus

  • Published By: Abhinav Smith
  • 26 March 2020

Stunning Tattoo design is done on Lexus UX SUV Hybrid

Tattoo artists are the new pop culture icons in the rapidly changing world. Getting a tattoo isn’t simply about walking into a parlour, it’s about finding the art that gives the right vibe. For me, getting a tattoo is all about finding the right design and art that suits my personality. Imagine a car getting a tattoo and becoming a piece of art is a radical thought process too difficult to understand but Lexus did that. The Japanese automaker unveiled the World’s First Tattooed Car. Lexus Car just brought something creative and interesting, and would resonate with the trendy demographics.   


Lexus Tattoo Cars


Lexus commissioned London-based tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe to completely turn a UX compact SUV into a mobile work of art. It’s a unique project in itself with no price tag attached to it. According to different media outlets, the project would be valued more than £ 120,000. The video and images released so far illustrate the hard work went into making this piece of art. With the Coronavirus epidemic, luxury carmaker features a koi, the traditional Japanese motif of good fortune in the days to come. 
The whole process took six months from concept research to the finished UX art. The innovative tattooing process was a strenuous hard work exercise involving five, eight-hour days of intensive work by De Sabe and her husband Yutaro. The husband-wife duo are experts in Japanese illustrations and are the founder of London based studio Red Point Tattoo. 


First Lexus Car  


The Lexus project celebrates its rich history of design and art while showcasing the UX line of hybrid compact SUV. De Sabe crafted the design with a Dremel drill using the white car as the canvas for her thought-provoking design. Car tattoo design isn’t a new thing for Hank Robinson is "tattooing" trucks with a Dremel tool for years now. His works is extensively done on trucks like 2016 Ford F-150 called Freedom Blues and a 2017 Ford F-250 named Aluminati. 

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