On World Ocean Day, we pick Top 5 Amphibious Vehicles that can travel on both water and land.

Humans are driven by a belief to conquer the impossible despite the odds stacked against them. What drives us is a question raging over the millennials and centuries with no answer in sight. Some of the technological innovations emerging in recent years have surprised plenty of people. People used to say that a vehicle is only capable of driving on the roads and boats are for the water but someone said: “Why can’t the vehicle drive on both the water and roads?”. The question was answered by the innovation named Amphibious vehicle. We are going to take a look at the 'Top 5 Amphibious Vehicles' you can actually buy and not just see them in a James Bond movie. 


First one on the list, Amphicruiser is a capable amphibious vehicle. Amphicruiser drives like a proper SUV on the road and clock a top speed of 135 kmph. It can traverse the harsh terrain easily as it’s based on the Land Cruiser Technology. In the water, it sails easily because of the optimized hull ship and weight distribution.  Amphicruiser comes in three different models- Rescue, Worker and Adventure.  Amphicruiser Rescue is designed for search and rescue operations in the flooded areas and is a fully equipped emergency vehicle. Amphicruiser Worker is suited for working in wetlands and coastal areas. Amphicruiser Adventure is fully suited for adventure-loving travellers and is quite comfortable in water crossings. If you wish to customize it further, you can get in touch with the company. The starting price is US$180,000 or Rs 1.35 Crores. 

Tinger Track S500

Tinger Track is an impressive innovation in its own way, a powerful amphibious machine. Tinger Track can act as a Snow Mobile, Tractor, Amphibious, Quad bike and Swamp Buggy. If we talk about the performance, Tinger Track S500 is powered by a 3 cylinder 812cm engine churning out 57bhp of power. The vehicle can clock a top speed of 35 kmph with a continuously variable transmission system in place. The Tinger Track S500 uses 20-inch re-enforced steel tracks to cross any hurdles in its path, be it the sand, snow or water. Tiger Track S500 can work in temperatures from coldest -30 degree celsius to hotter 30 degrees celsius. Tinger Track won first place at ATV Trophy Competition in 2016 and ATV Ladoga Trophy 2015. Tinger Track S500 is manufactured in Russia in the city of Cherepovets. Prices aren’t disclosed by the manufacturers. 

Watercar Panther

The Panther is a commercial amphibious car manufactured by California-based Watercar. Panther began production in 2013 and was in development phase for 14 years. Production of Panther is underway at Fountain Valley, California. The Panther design is based on a Jeep compact SUV and construction material is lightweight steel for the chassis and fibreglass for the body. The Panther can clock a top speed of  137 kmph on land and 72 kmph on water. It has three trim levels, with the top model equipped with a 3.7-litre 24 valve SOHC V6 VTEC engine churning out 305 bhp.  Watercar hasn’t revealed the price for the amphibious Panther yet. 


Gibbs Phibian

Gibbs Technologies is no stranger to water-based vehicles, their model line-up consists of Aquada sports car, the Quadski ATV/personal watercraft hybrid, and the four-wheel-drive Humdinga SUV Concept. Their latest addition is the Phibian, 3 crew members and 12 passengers can comfortably sit inside the vehicle. Phibian is a carbon fibre-constructed 4WD amphibian vehicle which can reportedly attain speed over 48 kmph. The vehicle is powered by twin-turbo diesel engines. It can travel down the highway like a SUV, once it enters the water then the wheels retract and the dual jet drives kicks in. The vehicle's total payload capacity is 3,307 pounds (1,500 kg). The price isn’t available publicly and available only on request. 

Hydratrek D2488B

Hydratrek amphibious vehicles are powered by turbocharged Kubota diesel engine (V3600T) generating 85 bhp of power with a pulling capacity of 8,000 pounds. Hydraulic drive systems create constant torque and power to move the vehicles and their loads through muddy, wetland terrain. The advantages of hydraulics include high horsepower-to-weight ratio, high torque at low speeds, multi-functional controls, less mechanical parts & maintenance, and high-temperature tolerances. The D2488B is constructed from marine-grade aluminium and has two rear propellers for deep water crossings. This Hydratrek amphibious vehicle was helpful for the American government during the Mississippi River Floods of 2010 & 2011, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Joaquin. The price for the vehicle isn’t available publicly but a  used one can cost up to USD $79,900 or Rs 60 lakhs.

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