Meet the 200+ Hp Producing Volkswagen Polo, and It is Official!

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  • 15 March 2019

To attract speed lovers, Volkswagen Motorsport India unveils powerful new Polo RX.

In something straight out of a speed lover’s dream, Volkswagen Motorsport India has presented their Polo RX. If the name does not sound catchy and sporty enough, take a look at what is on offer. The mantra here is better, better power, better feedback from steering, better the suspension, better handling. As is this was not enough to get speed lovers drooling, the German automaker has gone ahead and added the engine to the rear driving the hind wheels. Also, did we mention that the engine is new? The skeptics who must be thinking about the legality of the car, let us inform you that this car is one hundred percent legal.

This is what one gets when the manufacturers are freed from the bonds of regulation motorsport racing. The motorsport team of the German giant took the Ameo Cup race car’s 1.8L engine, and squeezed it into the rear of Volkswagen’s Polo hatchback. Paired to a 6-speed sequential gearbox, the drivetrain drives the rear wheels and is rated for a whopping 205hp and 320Nm! This greater than the brand’s own Polo GTi which, the output of GTi falls short of RX with the former being rated to produce only 189 Bhp and 250 Nm. This could very well make this India’s fastest hatchback!

Volkswagen Motorsport India’s head Sirish Vissa had this to say about the new Polo RX,

It is commendable how the team has managed to pull off this project with limited access to high end software and technology. Young engineers and technicians in the team have shown real calibre by getting this masterpiece ready in less than three weeks.

Taking the engine from Ameo Cup car and then placing it in the Polo, that too at the rear meant a lot of work for the engineers of the company. An intercooler is now placed where one finds a fuel tank in the normal Polo; new mounts for engine, gearbox, and rear suspension were created from scratch as well. In order to cool the engine at the rear, the engineers created vents in roof, rea doors, and the boot lid. Not just the engine, but Polo RX borrows the electronics from the Ameo cup car as well, and comes fitted with 17-inch wheels and MRF ZLO slick tyres.

Built by the Motorsport division of VW India under the moniker ‘Winter Project’, Polo RX was made by chucking the racing rules and norms out of window. Meant to tear up the tarmac at the driver’s wish, the new hot hatchback is being worked upon by the same team and is still being tested initially. However, the maker is sure to make it comply with racing regulations in the future for different kinds of motorsports. The speed lovers will also be taken care of and the production models of car will be sold to private buyers as well. However, there is no word on pricing yet, looking at the prices of Polo GTi and comparing the output of Polo RX and the GTi, it is still anybody’s guess as to what the prices for this track tool will be. However, one thing remains certain that this one is not going to be ‘affordable’.

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