Volkswagen Beetle : End of an ERA of this Legendary Wheel

  • Published On: 22 October 2019
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Volkswagen Beetle - History, Information, Biography and Timeline of the Iconic Car

Volkswagen Beetle Specifications
  • Volkswagen Beetle Specifications

The car that witnessed the legendary fights of World War II, has recently stopped running. The wheels that roll for more than 65 years, decided to end its journey in July 2019 and the sad part is that they have no plans to relaunch it in future.

The car has perceived evolution and design changes many a times. Beetle even faced many discontinuations within its entire life span and each time revived with lots of new implementations. Sometimes it was a shift from sedan to convertible, sometimes the availability of hydraulic brakes and a folding fabric sunroof, sometimes adding a few elements like twin map pockets, dual rear ashtrays, full carpeting, etc.

Remember the peculiar design pattern of the old Beetle? There was a weird setup where you will get engine in the back and luggage in the front, which seemed to be extremely confusing and unplanned. So, the new ride had front-wheel drive with the engine in the front and cargo space in the back, just like any other car of 90s. But I must say the new Beetle wasn't quite as quirky as original car.

Beetle has always been listed within the most popular cars of the world. That was the prime cause why 65 years old production can afford to achieve 21 million sales across its run and gained the title of the fourth highest selling car of all time. Can you imagine these mentioned statistics are for that car which was once considered as “too noisy and ugly”?

The car was basically designed while keeping everyone into context, so it was a “car for everyone”. It was the first ever prototype that came with a steel platform chassis and a “swing-axle” rear suspension and gave superb traction and steering.  The brand “Volks Wagen” itself means “People’s Car”, so its finest collection was meant to a car for everyone. Thus, Volkswagen Beetle is an important development in the brand’s history.

The four key secrets that made VW Beetle stand out in the world’s auto industry were:

1. Compact size

2. Efficient and reliable engineering

3. Unique shape

4. Affordability

They even took some innovative marketing strategies, which ultimately lead to transformation of the car’s weaknesses into its biggest strengths. This highly popular vehicle may not be familiar to each one in the name of Beetle. Some of the famous names that the car admires to be recalled are the Frog, The Turtle, the Flea, the Little Egg, the Ladybird, the Bubble and many more.

The unfortunate death of Beetle reminds us several factors of its glorious past that made this little car an iconic one in the entire history of world auto industry.

Best-selling vehicle: Though the initial level was slow, later it broke all records of 15 million to become the best-selling vehicle in the world.

Popular demand: The vehicle appeared in several films and TV shows such as Sleeper, Footloose, Happy Gilmore, Herbie the Love Bug, and many more. These movies targeted different age groups, so the car popularity also got diffused among all sections of the society.

Longest running: The vehicle had its inception in 1938, which finally ended in 2019, covering more than 80 years, but since it got discontinued for sometimes in between, it is considered to be 65 years of journey.

Revolutionary campaign: You won’t believe but the single car had also gained its value with its marvelous revolutionary campaign strategy.

It is too hard to bid Goodbye to one of our most favorite cars of all times. So, for those who still have the dream or have listed Beetle in their wish list, here’s the best chance of owning a pre-owned Beetle car at Droom. Around the nation, people have enlisted their used Beetle cars at an affordable price, for all those who are in love with the vehicle but unable to own one. Let’s cheers the love for Beetle and keep it alive even after its death!


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