The Israeli firm develops an inspection system equipped with thermal sensors to help detect COVID’19 fever.

UVeye, an Israel based innovation vehicle inspection, and safety company claims to have developed a contact-free, emergency-vehicle inspection system equipped with thermal sensors. As per them, this system can help detect potential coronavirus positive people inside a vehicle without even touching them. 

The UVeye vehicle inspection system comes equipped with infrared thermal-imaging technology to detect body temperatures from a distance of several meters. It can help health care operators to identify individuals who might require additional COVID-19 treatment rapidly. 



“Our technology can help fleet operators maintain their vehicles in safe operating condition without the need for ‘hands-on’ testing or inspection. As crisis conditions ease, we also will be able to assist car dealers, independent garages and vehicle rental agencies in setting up inspection lanes that can ensure that their mechanics are not exposed to individuals that still might be infected with the virus,” commented Amir Hever, founder, and CEO of the company.

Since these vehicle-inspection systems come equipped with thermal sensors, they can be installed at emergency drive-through lanes set up at hospitals, health care facilities and other community locations to test for potential coronavirus victims.

According to a media report, UVeye is currently working with six major carmakers to install vehicle-inspection systems on their assembly lines and at dealerships around the world. The company’s inspection equipment can also identify a wide variety of ‘need to know’ mechanical problems and safety-related issues for vehicle owners. It also hopes the technology helps the government to speed up the process of identifying people infected by the COVID-19 virus.

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