The proposal could be cleared in the next two weeks.

The Delhi government intends to implement a proposal that allows purchasing fancy VIP registration numbers straight from the dealership. While it was always possible to get a hold of special number plates in the past, the Delhi government is now making a legal provision for it.

In 2017, the government put out a proposal to make VIP number plates available for two-wheelers. The draft policy will most likely to be cleared in the next fortnight. The final draft will be sent for approval before the cabinet and the government will get the final go ahead once it’s signed off by Delhi Lieutenant-Governor, Anil Baijal.

You can get the number of your choice, starting this May. Prices for number such as 0001 start at Rs 50,000, while numbers from 0002 to 0009 will start bidding at Rs 30,000. Patterns that include numbers like 0786, 1111, 9999, 7777 and 1000 are widely demanded, so the price is set at Rs 20,000 for them. Not so popular numbers like 0100, 2222, 8888, 6666 will be sold for Rs 15,000.

They are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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