The Apache RTR 160 and RTR 180 now come with a new matte red paint option.

The standard RTR 160 Matte Red costs ₹77,865, while the rear-disc version costs ₹80,194. That’s an increase of ₹1,000 for both bikes. Similarly, the RTR 180 Matte Red costs Rs 81,833, which is an increase of Rs 1,000.

You can see the new paint scheme on the fuel tank, engine cowl and the rear frame of the two motorcycles. The smaller-engined RTR 160 is fitted with red rim stickers, while the RTR 180 gets the same treatment, but in white.

Apart from the addition of the new paint scheme, the bikes remain unchanged mechanically. The RTR 160 is powered by a 159.7cc single-cylinder motor that makes 15.2hp and 13.1Nm, while the RTR 180 uses a 177.4cc single-cylinder engine that makes 17hp and 15.5Nm. Both engines come fitted to a five-speed gearbox.

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