TVS Likely To Launch All-New Electric Scooter in India by March 2020

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  • 12 May 2019

TVS Electric scooter confirmed, March 2020 launch likely.

Indian maker TVS Motors is all set to bring out an electric scooter in the Indian market. The company has already made significant investment in the electric technology and we will soon see the results of the company’s investments. This will be the first such offering by the company in recent times. The upcoming e-scooter from the company will actually be based on the Creon concept that was showcased at the Auto Expo last year. There are reports on the internet stating that at the Full Year 2019 Earnings Conference Call, the company has confirmed that it will launch an electric scooter in the Indian market by March 2020. There is already a rush in the car market to get the electric models out in the market and now it appears that even the 2-wheeler industry is not that far behind.

Although the news of an electric scooter is not new in India with several players like Okinawa and Ather (limited to Bangalore only for now) already have their products in the market. The Indian public had the option of electric scooters in the past as well but the products were not very practical suited to be used in big cities. However, with the advent of modern options and technology this has changed and we are seeing more sophisticated products in the market with the aforementioned two brands also rolling out models that offer cloud connectivity. Now a major player like TVS Motors’ entry into the electric scooter market means that we may get to see even better options in the future. In fact, the company also offered an electric model of their famous Scooty line-up in India, but the model could never grab public attention.

TVS Creon was presented in front of the public at the Auto Expo held last year and it caught public’s eye due to the futuristic aesthetics of the concept. It was not just the aesthetics but the Creon concept also came with a bucket of features that made it even more interesting. The ‘connected’ part of the scooter was developed with the help of Intel and it had advanced features such as navigation via a display and geo-fencing among the other regular features one comes to expect of a scooter.

As far as the other details of the Creon concept are concerned it came with the standard fare of modern scooters like tubeless tyres, LED lights, and a USB port among others. Powered by 3 Li-ion batteries the 12 kW motor of the scooter promised a range of only 80 kms on a charge but it was equipped with fast charging technology and regenerative braking, park assist, cloud connectivity, three riding modes and anti-theft technology. TVS may increase the range of the upcoming scooter to make it more viable but information remains scarce as of now.

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