TVS-BMW working on new Twin-Cylinder bike?

TVS-BMW are reportedly working on an all-new bike that will likely feature a twin-cylinder engine. The all-new bike will most likely be revealed at the Auto Expo that will be held next year in India. This upcoming bike will come with a twin-cylinder engine and will likely be launched under the name of Apache. The Indian brand had earlier talked about its wish to launch a twin-cylinder Apache in the market and this might just come true. The two brands have already partnered in India and the same partnership saw the launch of three new motorcycles in the Indian market -- TVS Apache RR310, BMW G 310 R, and the BMW G 310 GS. However, the upcoming bike is supposed to be more powerful than all the aforementioned bikes that the partnership has spawned in India. The new twin-cylinder engine on the upcoming bike may come with a displacement in the range of 300-650 cc.

There is scant information on the upcoming bikes in the Indian market but the company may use the Apache moniker for the same. There is no launch date as well, but the reports do suggest that the upcoming bike will be displayed at the Auto Expo that will be held in February 2020. So at that point of time one can at least get an idea as to what the bike will look like. However, no need to get the hopes up because if the companies have begun work on the bike recently, one can only expect to see an unfinished model of the bike and the model presented will be far from the production version of the bike.

Apart from the twin-cylinder engine bike that has been talked about above, there are also reports that suggest that the two companies may be working on a 3-cylinder bike for the Indian market. The initial models that the two brands launched in the Indian market have not been as successful as they had hopes and have failed to entice the Indian customers. The powerful duo of KTM have managed to subdue the hype that the brands had created around the Apache RR310 or even the BMW twins for that matter. Therefore, now the brands have gone back to the drawing board and are taking lessons from the mistakes they made with the current models. This will help them bring out more refined models in the coming future.

As far as the Apache RR310 is concerned, it competes with bikes such as KTM Duke 390 and Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the market. However, at a relatively affordable price. While the acceleration provided by the 313cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve reverse inclined engine (34 PS-27 Nm) of the bike indeed does put a smile on the face of the riders, rivals outmatch it on several fronts. TVS also tried to play up the track discipline of the bike by emphasizing the longer swing-arm and shorter wheelbase of the bike offering better handling. Combine all this with the hype that TVS built around the bike, and the Apache RR310 lost the game on expectations front as it left the customers wanting for more. Not to say that fierce competition from KTM and Kawasaki etc. made the life for the bike tough in market.

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