Keeping the upcoming safety norms in mind, TVS equips Apache RTR160 and RTR 180 with anti-lock braking system.

Entry-level performance bike TVS Apache has been a strong seller for the Indian company since a long time now. Keeping the upcoming safety norms in mind, the 2-wheeler manufacturer has now revealed the ABS models of the bikes and has made the safer braking mechanism standard across the Apache range. However, there is a slight twist that the manufacturer has thrown in. The twist is the ‘supermoto’ ABS that the maker has made standard on TVS Apache RTR160, RTR 160 4V and RTR 180. This is a fancy name for single channel ABS. The maker has not stopped here, and has gone ahead and discontinued the dual channel ABS variant that was earlier offered with the Apache RTR 180. As readers are aware, the more cost-effective single channel ABS option only comes with the front wheel of the bike. The company states that the new ‘Supermoto’ ABS technology was made by the company with inputs from the racing expertise. It comes with a special algorithm that offers better safety levels without offering ABS on the rear wheel of bike.

Making a statement on the occasion of the company making the new ‘Supermoto’ ABS standard across the range of Apache bikes, the director and CEO of TVS, KN Radhakrishnan said,

Since inception, TVS Apache series have revolutionized performance biking by introducing cutting edge technology from their factory racing versions. In 2011, we were the 1st manufacturer to introduce twin channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) on Apache RTR 180, in the Indian two-wheeler industry. In line with this tradition, today, we are delighted to announce the inclusion of Super Moto ABS across RTR 160; RTR 160 4V and RTR 180 versions. This one of a kind racing tuned ABS technology that ensures maximum dynamic performance along with cutting-edge safety technology to our consumers. The motorcycles are already on sale in market to ensure proactive compliance to the regulatory requirement laid down by the Government of India.

Apache RTR 200 and RR 310 are offered with dual channel ABS in the market and there is no change on these two models. The dual channel ABS on these bikes comes with safety against the hind wheel lifting off the ground as standard. The fact that TVS has decided to not reduce the top-end duo of Apache bikes to single channel ABS will come as relief for fans. The reason behind the Indian company equipping the lower powered models with single channel anti-lock braking system is that it wants to save on costs.

The new government regulations set to come into effect from 1 April 2019 mandate single channel ABS on bikes with displacement above 125cc. Therefore, some bike makers are choosing the cheaper single channel ABS for their bikes in order to keep the prices low. However, this has been kept limited to comparatively lower-powered models only. As far as the top end models are concerned, the makers are leaving no stone unturned and are offering dual channel ABS as standard. Thanks to the new laws at least single channel ABS is on offer on all bikes above 125cc now and this in turn is makes the Indian streets safer for movement.

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