List of terrain that prove as traps for two wheel drive SUVs.

One can find a SUV on almost any car today. There are so many segments within the SUV segment itself today! SUVs used to be large 4x4 fuel guzzlers meant to take on even the toughest of terrains, and a segment still is so today. However, today much to the chagrin of an enthusiast one can find the brand marketing even a 2 wheel drive car under the SUV nameplate, under a sub-segment of the larger SUV segment. The brands do this is order to keep the costs low while bringing the big car like SUV experience to the customers. Also, a 2 wheel drive will get you along just fine in everyday usage scenarios, it is when tricky terrain gets involved that the 2 wheel drive cars find the going not just tough but give up altogether. Therefore, we have complied a list of places where one must never their take their 2 wheel drive SUV or car to is one wishes to not get stuck.

Beach, River Banks, Sandy Areas

Yes, these are is the most obvious first places where a 2 wheel drive car will get stuck. Beaches, river banks, and sandy areas have loose sand and the tyres often lose traction here, go in a spin and get stuck even deeper. Sometimes even 4x4 SUVs in the hands of an inexperienced driver faces a tough time, so one can imagine the plight of 2 wheel drive cars or SUVs in such places. Experience will also not come to rescue in such areas as once stuck, a 2-wheel drive vehicle has no option but to call external help. If you absolutely have to go to the beach or to a river bank area in your 2-wheel drive car, try to stay on the terrain where there is hard soil present so that your wheels do not lose grip.

Slush, Loose Mud, Marshes

Talking about slushy areas where there is a lot of loose mud or even marshy areas where there are bogs with loose surface, one must never venture into such areas with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. Such areas often prove tricky and even 4x4 SUVs get stuck there, so a 2 wheel drive vehicle must stay at a safe distance from such areas. No wonder farms with loose soil or rainy areas often resort to tractors with torquey diesel engines and massive groove tyres to tackle the terrain. Always remember just because you have a SUV branded car, it may not have proper 4x4 to get you through such areas.


Do you often wonder why even small hatchbacks in western nations come equipped with 4x4 drivetrains? That is because they have snowfall for a larger part of the year and hence having a 4x4 pays off. In India, snowfall is only limited to the extreme north of the country and the rest of the nation faces no snow whatsoever. Therefore manufacturers do not equip even SUVs with 4x4 drivetrains to keep prices low. However, that being said if you ever decide to visit areas with snowfall always opt for 4-wheel drive cars as 2 wheel drive cars fail to find grip in soft snow. Not to mention even the best of 4WD vehicles lose grip on a hard snow at times, so a 2 wheel drive in such situations will only cause trouble.

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