Toyota Service Express Launched For Doorstep Car Service

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  • 11 February 2019

Toyota has launched doorstep car service in India

Toyota is a well known carmaker in India thanks to its reliability, low cost of maintenance and good after sales service. To make their after sales service even stronger, the Japanese carmaker has launched Service Express doorstep service programme. This service is being gradually rolled out across the country in a phased manner.

With Service Express, Toyota plans to providing all periodic maintenance services (Minor, Medium and Major), express maintenance in just an hour, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and even eco-car wash. They will also be providing car beautification services and minor body-paint jobs under Service Express.

With this new initiative, Toyota is promoting the importance of regular vehicle maintenance to ensure safe, comfortable and trouble-free drives. Most of the commercial vehicle drivers in India tend to skip the regular service intervals and service their vehicles at unauthorised service centres, that too when they feel something is wrong with the car. This new initiative might change the scenario.

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