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Toyota to launch its Innova Crysta Touring Sport

  • Published On: 4 April 2017
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The model is likely to release here next month.

The new Toyota Innova Crysta Touring Sport was recently spotted uncovered at a dealership. The model is likely to release in India next month but has already started arriving at dealerships across India prior to its launch. After making its debut in the Indonesian market in January, the Toyota Innova Crysta Venturer will come to India as the Innova Crysta Touring Sport.

The car has been designed to represent stealth with the black body cladding on the bumper and chrome embellishments adorning the car's body, including the front grille and rear view mirrors. The interiors of the car will probably not undergo severe changes and the model will be available as a six-seater, upholstered in premium black leather. The model will run on 16-inch alloy wheels, and though not much is known about the engine’s power output yet, it will be available with the same 2.8-litre diesel engine and 2.7-litre petrol engines as the standard car.

Author: Droom

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