Toyota Calls for Standardized Regulations for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Published By: Droom
  • 6 November 2017

The carmaker wants global development of regulations to speed up so that it ensures smooth rollout of tech and reduce road accidents.

Toyota has asked governments and legislative bodies to introduce regulations for autonomous cars around the world. The company intends to speed up rollout of its autonomous tech and reduce the number of accidents as soon as possible.

Seigo Kuzumaki, executive general manager, advanced R&D and engineering, stated that a few countries like the US, Japan and Germany are currently forming regulations faster than others, and went on to add that unified regulations would cut development times overall.

He also added that carmakers currently develop cars to different crash standards around the world and the global car industry and legislators have failed to set global safety norms so far. The recent failure to set a common standard for electrical car charging connections is one such example.

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