In our today’s piece of advisory, we have listed the top 5 things that you need to ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t Do’ as a car owner


Do Check Tyre Pressure Often

It is always recommended to check the tyre pressure over every couple of weeks. This is because the variation in temperature and the ambient moisture level tend to affect the tyre pressure thereby causing accidents due to tyre bursts. Also, tyres can quickly become deflated which can further result in excessive and uneven wearing of thread. Underinflated tyres increases the rolling resistance, while overinflated tyres can cause them to wear a lot quicker. 

Do Always Wear Seat Belt While Driving

The main purpose of seat belts in your car is to reduce the likelihood of fatal injuries while driving. Wearing a seat belt will prevent your body from hitting the steering wheel, back of the front seat, or the windshield during an accident. So it is highly recommended to wear your seat belt not only while driving on highways but also for small distances. 

Do Check the Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper is an integral part of your car. It is only in extreme driving conditions that you realize what impact they have on your driving performance. Wiper blades increase your visibility while driving during heavy rain or storm. They basically act a saviour during a tight spot. The lifeline of wiper blades is from six months to a year. Also, when the car gets older, wiper blades tend to degrade. In most scenarios, they either crack or lose their flexibility if exposed to prolonged hot and cold temperatures. So it is essential to check and replace the old wiper blades when required.  

Do Learn to Change the Spare Wheel

Getting a punctured tyre is quite a common sight on our roads. It can happen anytime and for a host of reasons. This is when the skill of changing a tyre comes into play. All cars come with a spare wheel. But changing to a spare wheel can be quite a daunting task. If you get it wrong, it could even be a safety hazard. So make sure to learn the skill before applying it practically. Seek advice from a professional, if you are unaware of the basics of replacing the wheels. 

Do Use Dipper at Night While Driving in City

Driving at night requires you to be far more cautious than driving during the day. After sunset, our vision becomes limited due to the low color contrast. When your vehicle’s upper beam is on, the pedestrians and occupants of the vehicle on the opposite side of you become temporarily blinded. Thus, it is advisable to use dipper lights while driving at night in the city. Furthermore, it is only recommended to use the higher beam when distant visibility is a concern.


Don’t Overload your Car

Overloading your car can seriously compromise your ability to steer the vehicle in a straight line. Excess weight can cause your wheels to bulge out and heat up thereby increasing the risk of a blowout. Besides these, it can reduce the effectiveness of your brakes, put undue pressure on the chassis & the engine, and might also increase the chances of vehicle overturning. Thus, it is advisable to not overload your car under any circumstances.

Don’t Forget to Check Engine Temperature Often

The car cooling system is designed in such a way that it maintains a fairly constant working temperature. However, the actual engine temperature can vary for a number of reasons. Every vehicle comes equipped with an engine temperature gauge that sends you alerts in case your vehicle’s engine is overheating or overcooled. Thus, it is mandatory that while driving, you should keep an eye on it. By doing so you can prevent any kind of serious damage that is about to happen to your car. 

Don’t Cross the Speed Limit

The cars these days are more agile than the older ones. Even though how tempting it might be to zoom ahead, you should always keep one thing in your head that the chances of losing control over your vehicle increase drastically with higher speed. So it is important to stay under the speed limit at all times. This can in turn prevent major accidents.

Don’t Miss the Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle servicing is an important part that should not be ignored. As a car owner, it is your duty to ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly. Failing to service your car puts an added stress on the engine . This might even lead to accidents due to mechanical or electrical failure. 

Don’t Overwash the Vehicle

Giving a wash to your car may make it look amazing. But doing that frequently can ruin its looks and performance. Water tends to rust the vehicle parts that are made of iron. Besides this, it can also rob the car paint of its sheen. Hence, you should avoid washing your car unnecessarily. 

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