Top 5 beach driving tips for your safety.

Driving on the beach is an experience like none other. With the sea wind in one’s head and the water on the beach flying all around, the car only intensifies the joy on the beach. However, there are some things that one needs to keep in mind before they take their beloved ride out near the sea water. Ignoring a few common rules and precautions can not only lead one to being stranded on the beach, but it can also damage your car. Therefore, let’s take a look as to what things one needs to be mindful of when venturing out on the beaches.

Car Awareness

Knowing what your car can do and what it cannot do can be a major difference while driving on the beach. While all-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles tend to tackle sandy areas relatively easily, two-wheel drive vehicles get easily stuck on the loose sand at the beach. Also be mindful of engaging the 4 wheel or all wheel drive mode before venturing into loose sand. Also, lowering the air pressure of the tyres will give the tyres more surface area and will prevent the tyres from getting stuck, hence preventing wheel-spin on the beach. 


Tides are a major factor when driving on the beaches. Knowing the time when the tide comes in, can save you from a lot of trouble. Know the time of the tides and make sure you park your vehicle at a safe distance as the tides can move a lot of sand and water with them and can result in your vehicle being buried under sand. This can spell disaster for your car and can even lead to the car being totaled.

Beach Knowledge

There are very few driving beaches in India but people still drive along the shoreline every now and then. While people may think that they have a beach figures out, there are still come patches on the beach where the sand is looser than at other places, which can lead to the vehicle being stuck. Another thing to keep in mind while driving on the beach is to keep the deep waters in mind, while driving on the beach be wary of slowly veering into deeper waters as your car will definitely get stuck here.  


A major precaution to be exercised while venturing out on beach in your car is to keep the car’s weight low, this will result in lower chances of your car being stuck on the beach. Another thing that one must always keep in mind is that one cannot accelerate their way out of trouble when they are stuck. Always tackle the problem with a calm mind and make sure you do not accelerate uselessly when you are stuck. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is to take equipment like a two cable and other kit at hand when going to a beach drive because even with all the caution being exercised, there are chances one can get stuck and it is better to be prepared for the worst.

A Good Wash

Lastly, always take your car for a thorough good wash after a drive at the beach. Sea water is highly corrosive and the salt content in the water can easily lead to the paint of the car being damaged if left unwashed. So make sure you wash your car thoroughly after it has done a round at the beach. 

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