Tom Cruise Rides Made-In-India Motorcycle in Upcoming Mission Impossible Flick

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  • Published On: 29 March 2020
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Actor Tom Cruise spotted riding Made-In-India BMW G 310 GS in upcoming Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world with his movies earning billions of dollars at the box office. Top Gun, Oblivion, War of the Worlds or be it the Mission Impossible franchise, Tom Cruise is a man synonymous with action movies. The actor is widely known for doing his stunts and who had a near-escape with death while shooting for the Last Samurai, Tom Cruise flicks are all about action sequences. Recently, Tom Cruise was spotted doing action stunts on the Indian Made BMW G 310 GS. The G 310 GS is made in India by the Chennai-based TVS Motor Company as a part of a collaboration with BMW Motorrad.


Tom Cruise During Shooting Of Mission Impossible 7


BMW is the official partner of the Mission Impossible so it’s natural to expect Tom doing cool stunts on the bike. The Hollywood star was snapped doing his own stunts in Dunsfold in Surrey, England. The place is a test track previously used by the famous BBC motoring show Top Gear. Tom Cruise affinity for bike goes long back to Top Gun when he rode a Kawasaki GBZ900. 


Tom Cruise rides Made-In-India Motorcycle in upcoming Mission Impossible Flick


Italy is currently gripped by COVID 19 shutting down the country with everything coming down to a standstill. Mission Impossible shooting was halted in Italy and the production unit with the actor moved to United Kingdom. Cruise is unfazed by the virus outbreak as he performed a series of wheelies on the bike while donning a black bomber jacket and a crash protective helmet. 

Tom Cruise has always performs his own stunts in the previous six instalments of the franchise and he won’t disappoint in the Mission: Impossible 7. There was a chase sequence with Tom Cruise riding a bike racing along the tarmac. 


BMW is the official partner of the Mission Impossible


Mission: Impossible 7, helmed by Christopher McQuarrie was due for a 2021 release but it might get postponed due to the production delays caused by Coronavirus. 

Till then we can only hope that the movie will feature a lot of exciting stunts and daredevil sequences when it hits our nearby cinema theatres. We hope that our loving hero is spared by the Coronavirus epidemic. 

Author: Abhinav Smith

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