Plans for Model Y, new Gigafactory and the third-generation supercharger have been revealed.

CEO Elon Musk, at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, showed plans for the next five years, which will see it launch a Hatchback, a new Gigafactory, the Model Y, a redesign of its upcoming Semi lorry and the third-generation supercharger.

The Model Y will be unveiled in March 2019 and production will commence in the first half of 2020. Tesla will also introduce a compact car within the next five years. Tesla’s upcoming Semi lorry may be slightly redesigned to be able to meet legislations across the world. He also claimed that the Semi’s range will be “way beyond what most people in the industry think is possible”; it can supposedly cover over 900km on a full charge.

“Semi and Roadster are actually going to be better than what was unveiled,” said Musk, confirming his previous announcement. The Roadster reveal model can hit 100kph in 1.9sec and a performance version “with a SpaceX option package” would top that range, according to Musk.

The third-generation Tesla Supercharger are set debut by year end and Tesla’s Gigafactory production facility in Nevada will be expanded over the next five years and will be “by far the biggest building in the world”, Musk added.

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