Here’s a comparison of Tata’s upcoming Tigor and the competition.

With Tata's all new Tigor set to make waves in the compact sedan market, it is interesting to see exactly where it stands when compared to its competitors. Tata was the first to indulge in this category in India, so what the company brings to the table is sure to be compelling. Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, Volkswagen, Honda all have a sizeable stake in the market with their own compact sedans, so let us take a look at all the main aspects of these cars.


The Dzire, Aspire, Xcent and Ameo all measure an identical 3,995mm in length while the Tigor is shorter, at 3,992mm. The smallest car in this category is the Amaze, measuring up to 3,990mm. Where width is concerned, the Dzire and Aspire are the widest cars here at 1,695mm, while the Xcent is the narrowest at 1,660mm. Talking about the wheelbase, we find that the Aspire is the largest at 2,491mm, while the Amaze is the smallest at 2,405mm. The Ameo is the shortest in terms of height at 1,483mm, while the Dzire stands the tallest of the lot at 1,555mm.

  Tata Tigor Honda Amaze  Maruti Dzire  Ford Figo Aspire Hyundai Xcent Volkswagen Ameo
 Length 3992mm  3990mm  3995mm  3995mm  3995mm  3995mm
 Width  1677mm  1680mm  1695mm  1695mm  1660mm  1682mm
 Height  1537mm  1505mm  1555mm  1525mm  1520mm  1483mm
 Wheelbase  2450mm  2405mm  2430mm  2491mm  2425mm  2470mm
 Fuel tank    capacity  35 litres  35 litres  42 litres  42/40 litres (Petrol/Diesel)  43 litres  45 litres
 Boot space  419 litres  400 litres  316 litres  359 litres  407 litres  330 litres

Petrol engines

Though all sedans in this category are fitted with similar 1.2-litre petrol engines with the difference in displacement down to just 1 or 2cc, the big difference is with the units of the Tigor and Ameo, which feature a three-cylinder layout unlike the four-cylinder units of the other cars. The Ameo is the least powerful, while the Amaze is the most powerful, at 90hp. The Tigor has an edge over the Dzire in terms of power, with its three-cylinder unit developing 85hp as against 84.3hp. The Dzire has the torquiest motor here at 115Nm with the Amaze and Ameo the least powerful. All motors come paired with a five-speed manual gearbox

  Tata Tigor Honda Amaze Maruti Dzire Ford Figo Aspire Hyundai Xcent Volkswagen Ameo
Type 1199cc, 3-cyls 1199cc, 4-cyls 1197cc, 4-cyls 1196cc, 4-cyls/ 1499cc, 4-cyls 1197cc, 4-cyls 1198cc, 3-cyls
Power 85hp at 6000rpm 88hp/90hp at 6000rpm 84.3hp at 6000rpm 88hp at 6300rpm/ 112hp at 6300rpm 83hp at 6000rpm 75hp at 5400rpm
Torque 114Nm at 3500rpm 109Nm/110Nm at 4500rpm 115Nm at 4000rpm 112Nm at 4000rpm/ 136Nm at 4250rpm 114Nm at 4000rpm 110Nm at 3750Nm
Gearbox 5-speed manual
5-speed manual/ CVT
5-speed manual/ 4-speed auto 5-speed manual/ 6-speed DCT auto 5-speed manual/ 4-speed auto 5-speed manual

Diesel engines

In this category, the Tigor ranks last with the least powerful engine, with a 1.05-litre three-cylinder unit that develops 70hp and 140Nm of torque. The Xcent is powered by a similar engine but gives better output owing to its 1.1-litre capacity. Of the four-cylinder units, it’s the Ameo that leads the pack, developing 110hp and 250Nm of torque from a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The Amaze and Aspire both develop an identical 100hp from their 1.5-litre four-cylinder units with the Aspire edging out the Amaze in terms of torque by 15Nm. The Dzire makes use of a Fiat-sourced 1.3-litre four-cylinder unit good for 75hp and 190Nm of torque. All cars come equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox.

  Tata Tigor Honda Amaze Maruti Dzire Ford Figo Aspire Hyundai Xcent Volkswagen Ameo
Type 1047cc, 3-cyls 1498cc, 4-cyls 1248cc, 4-cyls 1498cc, 4-cyls 1120cc, 3-cyls 1498cc, 4-cyls
Power 70hp at 4000rpm 100hp at 3600rpm 75hp at 4000rpm 100hp at 3750rpm 72hp at 4000rpm 110hp at 4000rpm
Torque 140Nm at 1800-3000rpm 200Nm at 1750rpm 190Nm at 2000rpm 215Nm at 1750-3000rpm 180Nm at 1750-2500rpm 250Nm at 1500-3000rpm
Gearbox 5-speed manual 5-speed manua 5-speed manuall/ 5-speed AMT 5-speed manual 5-speed manual 5-speed manual/ 7-speed DSG auto


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