Tata’s Moflex platform to underpin new hatch

  • Published By: Droom
  • 9 May 2017

The car could be called the Nano, will have an all-electric powertrain.

Tata’s first sportscar, the Racemo, which was unveiled at the Geneva motor show earlier in the year is based on the carmaker’s new Moflex modular platform. With the launch of its sportscar concept, the company also launched its Tamo brand. The automaker, through Tamo, is also looking at the other end of the scale with a small hatchback, which could be called the Nano. The new hatchback is expected to be similar in proportions to the ‘Smart car’.

The new hatch is expected to be built to accomodate an all-electric powertrain. Tata has also been testing all-electric powertrains internationally with the carmaker’s European Technical Centre, which made the one-off Bolt BEV (battery electric vehicle) to showcase its current EV technology.

This all-new hatch could be dubbed the Nano, so the brand can live on.

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