With launch of Tata Harrier, several modification houses have started trying their hands at premium SUVs.

Tata Motors set the market abuzz with their latest compact SUV Harrier. The new Tata SUV comes with a very futuristic design which combined with the dimensions of the car lends it a very dominant road presence.  However, the company does not offer a dual tone paint scheme for the Harrier. One can find a few dealers who offer it at their level, but the price there is too steep. However, today we have an aftermarket dual tone paint scheme version of the Harrier. The enthusiastic and innovative customer got the job done a 3M store. The new job on the Harrier adds a black roof top the copper colored variant of the new SUV.

Harnessing the power of social media, the customer then tweeted out the photo of the car and mentioned Tata Motors and Pratap Bose in the tweet. For those who do not know, Pratap Bose is the design head of Tata Motors. Needless to say, the immaculate look of the Harrier SUV managed to gain quite a lot of traction on Twitter. Not only did the design head of Tata Motors gave a thumbs-up and replied “super cool!” to the tweet, the tweet also managed another response. The official twitter handle of Tata Motors was tagged in the tweet and it also replied to the tweet. Talk of customer service! 

The official reply of the Tata Motors’ Twitter handle read “Hi Jai, thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We’ve shared it with the relevant team for further consideration.” This means that the modification managed to have such an impact that the carmaker itself took it into consideration and forwarded it internally. Now whether the modification job inspires the designers at Tata Motors to offer a dual tone paint scheme on Tata Harrier remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the owner of this particular Tata Harrier can surely rejoice over his excellent taste of modification.

Ever since it was launched in the Indian market, the new compact SUV from Tata has gained 15,000 bookings. Harrier is already selling in greater numbers than the Jeep Compass, and is now beginning to inch closer to Mahindra XUV500. The waiting periods on the new SUV are also long which goes to show the high demand of the Harrier.

Talking about the engine of the Tata Harrier, the new SUV comes only in a diesel variant with the customers getting a Fiat-sourced 2L MultiJet diesel engine under the hood. Renamed as KRYOTEC by Tata, the engine is rated for 140 PS and 350 Nm. The engine on Tata SUV currently comes equipped only with a 6-speed manual gearbox. A 6-speed torque converter unit sourced from Hyundai will be offered sometime this year as well.

Tata Harrier competes with the likes of Mahindra XUV500 and Hyundai Creta in the market. The initial response for Harrier has been very good, and only time will tell how Harrier performs in the market once the initial numbers stabilize.

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