Tata iNano EV Concept reimagined; employs skateboard chassis with electric motors at the rear

Tata Motors launched Nano in 2008. Regarded as the most affordable car in the world, it was launched at a price of Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom). After selling a few initial units, the company increased the price of this model to over Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom) in order to meet the rising input costs. Later on, due to weak production and low sales number, the company discontinued Tata Nano in 2018. 


Although the car is not expected to make a return in the near future, an EV version of it would be an interesting twist. Electric vehicles occupy only a minor space in the Indian car market yet key players are investing a lot in the segment. 

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Tata Nano is a spacious car due to its size, engine placement, and shape of the body shell. Industrial designer Vishal Verma used the same design and present technology to reimagine Tata Nano for the 2020s. He designed a two-door iNano EV on a skateboard chassis that houses two electric motors at the rear. The Nano's silhouette and the body line remains the same. Halogen headlamps will be replaced with LED units for efficient power consumption. It will get air vents on the side skirt to help cool the floor-mounted battery pack. Being a city commuter, it will either be a rear-wheel-drive or a front-wheel-drive.


Vishal opted for a minimalistic approach. Instead of confusing the buyers and driving up the cost, he has tried keeping less number of features. These include panoramic monoglass windshield, front luggage compartment, fast charging support, advanced connectivity options, and autonomous driving. The cabin will boast of a large touchscreen system, 360 degree rotating front seats, and ambient lighting. 

Source : electricvehicleweb.in

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