Tata Motors currently occupies the second spot in this illustrious ranking, only behind Hyundai Motor, with a market value of USD 27.15 billion but have shortened the gap with their heightened between them and Kia Motors.

The largest manufacturer in India, Tata Motors, has surpassed Kia Corporation in terms of market capitalization, placing it as the 16th highest-valued carmaker globally. Tata Motors currently occupies the second spot in this illustrious ranking, only behind Hyundai Motor, with a market value of USD 27.15 billion. This accomplishment was greatly aided by Tata Motors' outstanding performance on the Nifty50 this year. Since April 2020, the value of the company's shares has more than tripled, enabling it to close the gap with Kia Corporation, its Korean rival.

Tata Motors has accomplished a lot with this huge change in market value, which is the initial time since September 2018 that it has exceeded Kia Corporation. The exceptional results of its subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), are to thank for the recent rise in Tata Motors' market value. For the June quarter of the present fiscal year, JLR announced a remarkable 30% increase in international wholesale shipments compared to the same period last year. When JLR releases its complete accounting data for the quarter later this month, it's predicted that it will report strong free cash flow of over GBP 400 million, indicating that this strong performance will continue.

Due to Tata Motors' outstanding performance on the Nifty50 and the expansion of its luxury vehicle business, its market valuation has surpassed that of Kia Corporation. Kia Corporation's share value increased by 48%, whereas Tata Motors shares have increased by as much as 60%.

It is noteworthy that the sale of high-margin Range Rover and Range Rover sports models, which are responsible for a huge 76% of Tata Motors' total orders, has significantly boosted the company's order book. Kia Corporation, in contrast, gets about 25% of its total revenue from the United States, with another 20% coming from the Korean domestic market.

Tata Motors' remarkable increase in market capitalization has allowed it to catch up to Kia Corporation despite the latter's substantial market benefit in April 2020 when its total market value exceeded USD 10 billion, three times that of Tata Motors. Kia Corporation's revenue is varied with offerings from India, China, Europe, and other regions.

The accomplishment of Tata Motors highlights the firm's tenacity, strategic growth, and dominant market position. It marks an important turning point for the Indian automotive behemoth as it advances on the international front and establishes itself as one of the most valuable automakers globally.

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