Tata's latest premium hatchback Altroz is based on 45X concept.

As the dust around Tata’s announcement at Geneva Motor Show settles down, we shift our focus to Altroz, a premium hatchback that the company announced. While a lot of you already know that Altroz is actually what 45X concept in a production guise, there are other facts about this new offering that remain unearthed. Let’s take a look at 10 facts about Tata’s premium hatchback offering slated for launch late in the year.

Bests Competition in Dimensions

Tata had to make the Altroz smaller than 4 meters to keep the car’s cost low. However, this does not mean that the competition could not be bested along the way. Altroz’s chief competitor Maruti Suzuki Baleno is actually smaller than the Tata product in terms of length and width. But Baleno still maintains the lead in wheelbase and height. Talking of stats, while Tata Altroz posts 3,988X1,754X 1,505, Baleno turns up 3,995X1,745X1,510 (all figures in mm). As far as wheelbase concerned Altroz has a wheelbase of 2,501 mm, 19 mm shy of Baleno’s wheel spread.

Rear Aircon

Pioneered by Hyundai in the affordable segment, Tata too will follow suit and offer rear aircon vents on Altroz, albeit in the higher trims only. Not just this the rear seat also gets a charging socket and 3 seatbelts.

Safety With 4 Airbags

In the top model of Altroz, Tata will offer 4 airbags. Keeping in view the upcoming BNVSAP, while the lower models will get 2 airbags only, the top model will have 4 airbags as standard. However, the competitor Hyundai Elite i20 offers 6-airbags on its top model.

Absence of Drive Mode

Tata first introduced this on Nexon and then followed up with Harrier, however driving modes are surprisingly not offered on Altroz. Altroz will have to make do with just Eco mode, a feature that is also visible on other Tata cars such as Tiago and Tigor.

Diesel No More

At the Geneva Motor Show, Tata stated that upcoming Altroz will be launched only with a petrol engine. Speculations are rife about the maker borrowing the 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine from Tata Nexon but tuning to produce only 100 PS-140 Nm, but nothing is confirmed as of now.  A part of rumors also suggest that Altroz may be offered with a 5 speed manual transmission. The only confirmed bit of news is that Altroz will not be offered with a diesel engine.

Tata Harrier Like Instrument Cluster

In order to up the premium quotient, Tata will offer the Altroz with a digital-analog instrument cluster, something that was earlier spotted Harrier. While the maker did not talk about the size of the digital screen, it should be nearly as large as the one found on Harrier.

Lighter than Tiago diesel

Tata will debut the ALFA arch platform with Altroz, which in turn will make this upcoming premium hatchback shed a lot of weight. When compared to Tiago’s weight of 1.08 MT, Altroz weighs in at only 0.96 ton which actually is a difference of 115 kilos!

Altroz EV on the Way

Apart from the regular fossil fuel version, Tata also presented the electric version of Altroz. Now there is not a lot of information about the EV yet, but what the company did reveal was that the car will get a range of 250-300 km and a fast charge time of up to 80% under an hour.

Affordable Cruise Control

As of now, Tata’s cheapest car to offer the feature of cruise-control is Harrier, but this will change with the launch of Altroz. This will make Altroz the most affordable model of Tata to offer cruise control. As far as Baleno and Elite i20 are concerned, neither offer this feature yet.

Window-Mounted Handle

Recently manufacturers have been going for window-mounted handles on the rear doors for a cleaner look on models. Tata too will join the list with its Altroz. The handle on the black window line merges with the overall design of the car and gives the side a cleaner look.

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